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As one of the most forward-thinking names in bass music right now, UZ has a lot to answer for. He's been juggling being the label-head of his record label Quality Goods Records, along with an extensive touring schedule and creating new and explosive music, we had so many questions when we got the chance to speak with the man behind the phenomenon. 

From navigating the industry, touring, and what's forthcoming for the talented artist. 

The name UZ seems to be expanding in various directions, with your sounds, DJing and running a label – did you always plan on working within different areas of the scene?

It's not really various directions, it's just being versatile in the music industry for me, When you're a DJ, you have to find and choose or create new trends, same thing with being the A&R of my label. I spend my days listening and looking for new music, new talents; when I'm not working and trying to improve my own sound. I like expanding my horizon and perfecting my craft - my music is mutating. I'm known for a very specific style of music, very dark, but I can produce almost anything that I want. My next project will definitely be a new experience for my fans.

How do you find juggling it all? What are some of the toughest parts?

The toughest part is finding time to work on my stuff. The label really is a lot of work and our team is slowly expanding, but it sure is a lot of fun! Finding new talent is also very time consuming, I often find artists that are not ready to produce an EP yet, so I just watch them grow; perfect their sound and I'm happy to release their music when the right time comes. 

You’ve recently released a wicked collaboration with Two Fresh and that has gone down really well with your fans. Can you spill any beans on what’s coming next?

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I can't really talk about what's coming yet in terms of music and projects, but I can sure tell you that something is coming. One of my best projects is dropping really soon and I'm really proud of it.

Big ups on the Quality Goods North America Tour announcement! What are you most looking forward with those shows?

Thank you! What I'm most looking forward with these shows is to see how the crowd reacts to the vision that I'm trying to create with the label. I want to curate a new sound and definitely be in a different place that what's going on right now. Only a few people are going in the right direction and I want to create our own lane. I'm building the label as well as building the artists, connecting people and creating a movement. 

Tickets for the tour are here. 

Tickets for the tour are here. 

What is going to make 2017 stand out for you as a multi-faceted artist?

You need to be able to adapt yourself, learn new things, perfect your work... I'm going to connect with artists that I appreciate as human beings, and work on good music, vibe with them. We like to connect people with the label too: rappers, singers, producers, designers - the combinations are endless. Just making good music really, as well as finding new talents and friends. 

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