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Back in October, we had the pleasure of reviewing “The Nuggy” by NugTools, a clever 10-in-1 multi-tool for cannabis enthusiasts, a veritable “Swiss Army Knife” for the ganja geared. We love it. Since, we took notice of NugTools’ deep appreciation for music. Their new “Moments, by NugTools” videos are a collaboration with some of the best musicians around, spanning multiple genres. Artists like Casey Burge, Marco Benevento, DJ Logic, Winds and ill-esha flank the stylized, informative Nuggy vids, some of which have garnered millions of views in canna social media circles like MassRoots and NowThisWeed


"Music and art are a large part of our lives and cannabis is part of the lives of many musicians and artists,” says NugTools CEO Rob Green. Green designed The Nuggy using 3-D printing and prototyping along with feedback from NugTools fans and cannabis consumers. “In addition to our own tastes, we saw a natural synergy. The goal was not to create another how-to or unboxing video, but to highlight great music and art and bring those moments, the reasons we created the Nuggy in the first place, to life." Well then, perhaps there’s no better rep to recommend five songs for your next smoke sesh than Nuggy and Moments creator Rob Green. Listen up!

“Comin' Fulfilled” by Casey Burge

Life can be crazy. Priorities and tasks constantly build up, and this can drive us all a little insane. That's why the lyrics in this song really hit home for me. For example, "There's no need to dwell on such silly things." The combination of great lyrics like this alongside calming music makes this song perfect for periods of reflection. One way we like to reflect here at NugTools is by taking a stroll on the beach with a nicely rolled joint. So when we launched our new video campaign “Moments, by NugTools,” we thought this song would be a perfect fit for our beach scene with the Nuggy.  

“Ghosts and Killers” by Jimkata

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I first came across Jimkata at Catskill Chill, which is one of the best three day camping festivals you can attend. At the time, a few of my friends had already heard of them, so we checked out the set. Right away, I fell in love for their style. I remember the band was jamming out hard to this song and everyone in the crowd was dancing and vibing together. It was an unforgettable experience. Now, every time Jimkata comes to the Saint in Asbury Park, NJ, or to Brooklyn Bowl in NYC, I get tickets to the show. This band is known for putting on a good live show. In fact, they’re one of the few bands that are better in person than they are on your speakers. Here’s an interesting fact: Jimkata is named after a “bad 80s Kung Fu Movie” (in their own words).

“So Nice” (feat. Joy Voeth) by Forest Sun

Certain songs become an every day listen for me. This tune is one of them. The second I put it on in the morning, my state changes and a feeling of happiness and gratitude overcomes my body. In a sense, this song is part of my daily meditation. The chill vibe of the instruments combined with the positivity of the lyrics makes for the ideal early morning sesh. Sometimes simplicity makes a song great, and this is the perfect example. So next time you wake and bake, pack up some Blue Dream and throw on this song. I guarantee it will put you in a happy place.

“Shadow People” by Dr. Dog

Some experiences burn an everlasting image in my mind. The last Dr. Dog show I saw in Golden Gate Park was one of these moments. It was a chilly San Francisco afternoon in 2016, and the fog was slowly rolling in around the massive redwood trees. There were all kinds of activities, art exhibits and tents set up – which was pretty cool. But there was something else going on that I can’t put into words. It was the vibe, the people and the music that created the perfect atmosphere to light up a joint, breathe in deep, and kick back to some good tunes. Thankfully, Dr. Dog didn’t disappoint. They showed up to play! This song came on and they absolutely crushed it. Now, every time I hear this jam, it makes me think of that special day in the mystical land known as Golden Gate Park. 

Transistor by 311

If I had to pick one album as my all time favorite it would be Transistor. No debate. This album essentially taught me to love music with positive lyrics instead of listening to depressing grunge rock that dominated the rock scene in the 90s. It also gave me a whole new appreciation for bands that are able to mix multiple genres into one song. 311 does this better than anyone. Whether it’s hip hop, reggae or indie rock, 311 knows how to make it sound great. This album, like most of the greats, is best if you listen to it from start to finish. Every song nicely plays into the next and by the time “Stealing Happy Hours” comes on at the end of the album, you’ll be in a state of tranquility.

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