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Psych-Pop duo Dynasty Electrik blur the lines between DJ and rock band with their unique fusion of dance music and psychedelic rock n’ roll. Fronted by the powerful and seductive vocals (and theremin) of Jenny Electrik, alongside multi-instrumentalist Seth Misterka, they’ve earned critical praise, been featured in television and film, and toured the globe. Originally formed in Brooklyn, the duo decided to cross the country, recently finding their groove across sunny Los Angeles, CA. Since the duo’s new album Land of Dreams drops on March 21, we thought it would be fun to get their take on tunes to blaze one to. Prepare for blast off! 

“La Cumbia Sicodelica” by Bomba Estereo

I first heard this track on the radio one day. I was smoking with a friend and it literally sent us on a mini psychedelic trip. Bomba Estereo is from Colombia and they completely defy traditional genres -- one of our favorite groups. They mix Latin, electronic, and psychedelic influences into something totally unique. It’s a great sound to chill or dance to.

“Christmas Trees” (feat. Protoje) by Major Lazer

Major Lazer probably doesn’t need much of an introduction. Their mix of tropical and electronic styles is legendary. And Protoje is one of the best new reggae artists out there. Their collaboration “Christmas Trees” is a potent blend of dubby electronics with Protoje's unique singing/rapping style. This is a great smoking tune. It lit up our holiday season and it’ll bring a bit of holiday cheer anytime of year.

“Perfect Tree” by Chronixx x Eesah

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Chronixx is one of our favorite new artists. His smooth vocals and positive vibes are like a breath of fresh air. There has been a reggae renaissance going on in Jamaica, and he is right at the forefront of the movement. This track, “Perfect Tree,” is a great mix of hip-hop and reggae. I love how the lyrics respect the totality of the cannabis plant, not just the flowers! It is available on the free mixtape Roots and Chalice.

“Steamers A Bubble” by Jah9

Jah9 is another excellent new artist coming out of Jamaica. On “Steamers A Bubble,” she puts a fresh spin on an old-school reggae instrumental. The video shows a kind of home-style ganja jam session. We were listening to this tune a lot when we were living in Baja California, Mexico. No matter where you are, it’s a perfect song to kick back and soak in the laid-back tropical vibes.

“Worldwide Love” by Kabaka Pyramid

DJ Jah Soldier turned us onto Kabaka Pyramid a few years back and we’ve been following him ever since. His style is right in between hip-hop and reggae and he really strikes a nice balance between the two. “Worldwide Love” is an inspirational, uplifting track, and a great example of Kabaka’s work. We really need more positive messages like this right now. It’s a perfect track to elevate your mood.

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