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After four years at Colorado State University, Dakota Wesley quickly realized he had a passion for entrepreneurship and launched Resolution, an accessories company in the cannabis industry. With a focus on destigmatizing the plant, Resolution is launching some of the industry’s most inventive and essential products while making an impact on cannabis culture and growing a community of socially conscious supporters.

Along with his team, Wesley, now 23, is always innovating, creating products that change how cannabis enthusiasts and MMJ patients go about their day. ResCaps, Resolution’s first offering, allows you to universally stretch and seal airtight caps over glass water pipes, steamrollers and other glass accessories--amazing for cleaning, traveling and storing your favorite cannabis accoutrements. Think the Otterbox of smartphones, but for your packed and ready waterpipes and dab rigs. When it comes time for cleaning, ResCaps also allow a more thorough clean by enabling vigorous shaking with no-spills.

Newly available this 4/20, Resolution’s latest offering is ResGel, a self contained resealable package of non-toxic, clay-based cleansing formula designed for convenience. You simply tear off the top of the package, drop in your resinated stems, nails and pipes, and shake briefly until clean. Pretty cool, considering ResGel is free of volatile organic compounds and completely safe for drains and re-entering Earth’s water table, unlike isopropyl alcohol and other cleaners. Also, each affordable package can be reused up to eight times or more! Together, ResCaps and ResGel make cleaning your pieces super easy, encouraging a more flavor forward experience.

Impressed with the young entrepreneur’s mind, mission and taste in music, we couldn’t help but get his feedback on some of his favorite tunes for your next sesh. 

“Redbone” by Childish Gambino

This song is the perfect wake-n-bake, late night, or really any time of the day kind of song. It never gets old. It’s hard to believe it’s Childish Gambino, since it’s got such a different style compared to his other songs. I love it, nonetheless. The instrumentals paired with his vocals give it a psychedelic, soul feel. Don’t be surprised if you start joining him in singing: “Now stay woke” by the end of the song. 

“Glowed Up” (feat. Anderson .Paak) by KAYTRANADA

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Let’s be honest, who doesn’t dig Anderson Paak? Besides the incredible live performances, his voice and musical ability is unrivaled. KAYTRANADA paired with Paak creates a really cool low-key, bass-filled jam. Sit back, relax, and have a toke to this one. Let the vibes roll in. 

“Tonari” (feat. Noomi) by WoodzSTHLM

This song makes you feel enchanted and empowered all at once, and I promise it’s not just because the high is setting in. Tonari has a unique and captivating Asian flare to due to the use of eastern stringed instruments. The faint whistles and folky vocals throughout the song just make you feel good inside. Feel free to turn this one up and get a lil’ groovy -- I’m not judging.

“Come Down” by Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals

Get ready to break out the air drums and start rockin’ out in your living room. Anderson .Paak is single handedly reviving the hip-hop game and bringing it back to its roots. This tune has a bluesy, jam-band upbeat feel and is the perfect song to blast in your next hotbox. 

“Season 2 Episode 3” by Glass Animals

There is certainly something special about this tropical rock band. They differentiate themselves by combining island vibes with hypnotic tempos, which creates a smooth and weirdly entrancing sound. Enjoy the Mario Kart nostalgia that accompanies this song and takes you back to a more childlike state of mind. 

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