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Weekly Top 10 Drum & Bass Chart - March 24th, 2017

More spread than your margarine in the D&B chart this week! Camo & Krooked to L 33, Wilkinson to Agressor Bunx, and a dash of InsideInfo to boot!
Andy C - some other time, not at XOYO. 

Andy C - some other time, not at XOYO. 

Two weekends ago, I met Andy C in real life.  It was exciting for my little fan girl face. I've now run out of people to tell. Witnessing his residency at XOYO in London was an experience that will not soon be forgotten - Loadstar, Rene LaVice and Mind Vortex were all in on the fun and it was very sweaty. Strong review there, I know. 

In other news, the winner of the DC Breaks vinyl was Magnus Ohlaker - congrats bud! Enjoy spinning that round and round 'til your face melts off!

The word from DC Breaks last time...

“Generator” - Dimension [Dimension]

The man behind the most rinsed track of month, 'UK' now comes out charging with this bloody catchy rip-roarer. I've said it once, and I'll say it again as I press repeat on this tune for the 12th time today - he's gonna be huge. Not in the doughnuts for breakfast sense either.

"We Will Be” - Wilkinson ft. Matt Wills [RAM/EMI]

Wilkinson’s new album ‘Hypnotic’ is pegged to pinball to the masses come the 21st April - no better way to burn off that Creme Egg binger!

"Cauldron" - The Upbeats ft. Agressor Bunx [Vision Recordings]

Grab your nearest affixed piece of furniture - this one takes no prisoners. No alternative expected with these two in the driving seat really.

"Glimpse" - InsideInfo ft. Fable [Viper Recordings]

InsideInfo’s forthcoming album is an outpouring of many goodies of this ilk… give it a minute to warm up, you rascally impatient little bastards!

"Good Times Bad Times" - Camo & Krooked [RAM Records]

Distinct lack of bad times sighted in new tunes flowing from the Camo & Krooked camp.

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"Larry" - Dossa & Locuzzed [Viper Recordings]

I could be accused of just really warming to the name Larry here… but I think the audio speaks for itself. Rad.

"Babylon Shall Fall" - Xtrah [Dispatch Recordings]

Xtrah's debut solo release on Dispatch, 'Disturbance' be dripping with murksomeness.  Murkability. Murky m

"The Entangled (Camo & Krooked Remix)" - Noisia [Vision Recordings]

The fact that an Outer Edges remix album is dropping - undoubtedly the best news I have heard all month. This Camo & Krooked mix posing here as the liquored up cherry on top.

"Questions" - High Contrast ft. Boy Matthews [3Beat]

One High Contrast EP on the tangible horizon! What I wouldn't have given to see the man go in at his live show last Saturday. New vid out too...

"Clublife (Prolix Remix) - L 33 [Eatbrain]

Prolix, Prolix - I’m not talking bollocks - this is the shit it... won't give you colic? Um. 

The full enchilada...

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