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Letting the tunes speak for themselves this week instead of rabbiting away. Or in other words, I'm lazy and chomping at the bit to run out into the weak London sunshine and bathe in its intoxicating glory.!!! Pass the flipping SPF70 and my bucket hat, I'm going in...

Sorry, I don't really have a bucket hat. Please don't leave.

Rabbiting's from last time...

"Still Here (Fred V & Grafix Remix)" - Stanton Warriors ft. Eska [Punks Music]

To avoid adding to my archive of gush over Frafix tunes, I shall shutup and suggest you just listen below...

"Burn" - Invadhertz [The Dreamers]

Everyone knows the best things come out of Italy - gelato, pizza and now - Invadhertz. The trio have put some sweet tune out here on up and coming label, The Dreamers. Burns so good!

"Scaramanga" - Calyx & TeeBee ft. Mortlock [RAM Records]

Well funk me sideways!! It's like a Russian doll, so many tunes buried inside each other. 

"Making Noise" - Hamilton [RAM Records]

Fans of noise - rejoice! Almost 5 minutes of the hard stuff below - sweet, sweet noise.... [drool].

"Nightwalker" - Liz-E [Shadow Demon Coalition]

Bouncy as farrrrrk. Absolutely sick tune from the first lady of D&B. 

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"Enigma" - Keeno [Med School]

Flipping good fusion jobby to be found in the 'Music For Orchestra: Drums & Bass' EP. Inspired by the Keeno kids recent move to Bristol, it is significantly more fun than a night at the Proms. Significantly.

"Shadow King" - Futurebound vs. Jaguar Skillz [Viper]

Head Cobra goes head to head with the vastly underrated Jag Skillz for the first of a four-part series of collabs to celebrate Viper’s 100th nasty release.

"I See You" - Black Sun Empire [Blackout Music NL]

All the guff on this tune you could ever wish to know - here.

"For A Day" - Chace & Moksi  (BMotion vs. Dossa & Locuzzed Remix) 

Summerisheresummerisheresummerishere... BMotion knows it! Dossa & Locuzzed knows it! After you've done listening to this tune, you won't be able to even pretend like you don't know it!

"Third Eye" - North Base, Turno ft. Harry Shotta [Viper Recordings]

This one is beating its way up the Beatport charts - mmm, succumb to its grimey charms!

One murky March playlist...

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