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It's finally March and we're looking forward to lighter mornings and warmer evenings! To celebrate, we've got ten fire-filled tunes for you to check out. 

1) DELAY - "Before The Storm"

Seriously dark and distinctive vibes on this one. With Eastern influences, this tune is dripping in luxuriant edges and strung out riffs, and will keep you guessing throughout. 

2) Curfew - "$tacks"

Here's another one that delves into Middle Eastern vibes, and it does so with supreme styling. Curfew shows some insane skills on this cut, and it is packed with creative genius - keep an eye on this one. 

3) The Lifted - "Watch Me Fall" (feat. Ashliann)

"Watch Me Fall" is a beautifully written sound from The Lifted, and its hazy vocal layering is a focal point. Besides that, there are vibrant, building riffs and a strongly percussive energy - a match made in heaven. 

4) Axel Boy & Maxx Baer - "Try Loving" (Ft. MOZA)

This one is another hugely expressive tune, and MOZA brings some fantastic raw-edged feels to this punchy, melodic collaboration. Fusing together trap, pop and electronica, "Try Loving" is damn catchy. 

5) Arman Cekin - "California Dreaming" (ft. Snoop Dogg & Paul Rey)

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We couldn't leave this one out of our list... Rhythmically striking but tropical in its overall sound, the subtleness of this smooth summer jam will instantly hook you in - just as it did with us. 

6) ETC!ETC! X SGXTW - "Follow" ft. Milana

Out now on Mixmash, "Follow" is a contradiction of themes, ranging from the gravelly yet calm tones of Milana to the upfront, boldly driven drum beats that follow at its climax. It sounds better with every listen, trust us. 

7) Rawtek & Holly - "Lazy Dog"

The odd title of this one matches the off-kilter, anything goes vibes of it. A blistering collab between bass maker Rawtek and Holly, "Lazy Dog" is a whirlwind of sounds, including authentic dog barks. 

8) Dillon Francis - "Candy" ft. Snappy Jit (Candyland Remix)

This hypnotic, highly addictive cut has been given a super slick re-lick from Candyland, and it will go off on a dance floor near you. Snappy and incredibly lively, "Candy" hits that sweet spot. 

9) BURNS - "Low To The Floor"

Available to snap up as a free download, "Low To The Floor" is a rap/trap hybrid with substance. The instrumentation to vocal ratio works a treat, and if you needed a hit of energy, look no further. 

10) Alexander Lewis - "March"

Out now on Lowly Palace, "March" is a slow-burner, enticing you in with slow moving chords and bubbling synths - leading up to a brass-led chorus that is seeped in military feels. A suitably strong closer to this week's chart! 

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