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It's been another busy week for trap music, and the standard out there right now is pretty incredible. Sit back, relax and turn up our latest set of tunes we think you should hear... 

1) XYLØ - "I Still Wait For You"

Our chart starts with something slow and glistening with electronic vibes. With pop influences, particularly on the vocals, "I Still Wait For You" is an easy grooving cut with instant appeal. 

2) Arius - "Sugarcane"

Up for grabs as a free download, this sparky, head-banging sound complete with robo vocals is full of fire, and is destined for any dance floor this weekend. 

3) Parker - "Gangsta" (Parker Remix)

Parker has done a stellar job on "Gangsta" and it bursts into life from the very first moment. Quietly rattling snares and contrasting drum punches, this is a pumped up remix that deserves plenty of attention. 

4) The Prodigy - "Smack My B*tch Up" (Onderkoffer Remix)

Bootlegging one of the most iconic dance tunes of all time is no easy feat - by Onderkoffer kills it with this thrilling edit. With additional bass drops and gnarly riffs that meander across the bassline, we encourage you to listen to this one at full volume - it bangs. 

5) Louis Futon - "Surreal" (Feat. RKCB)

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This one is technically more electronic than trap, but we don't care - you should check this out. Soul-filled and full of intricate melodies, Louis Futon displays real talent with this awesome production. 

6) SKAN - "Giant" (Juke Ellington Remix)

Oooof! Another freebie download, Juke Ellington wows with this killer remix of SKAN's literally massive "Giant." That synth-work is super enticing, and the use of instrumentation here really lifts the track. 

7) ZUWKZ - "faceitall"

We had to add something dark and mysterious into our list, and this one fits that bill exactly. Eerily creeping with its off kilter bleeps and warps, give this one a go if you're after something a little different. 

8) P V K J - "Tings I'd Do"

Back into chill territory... "Tings I'd Do" is a gorgeous, laid back but dynamic sound from P V K J - pouring heaps of different influences into this tune. A contrast of simmering melodies and hyped builds, we love this. 

9) Guiliano Rascan - "Blackout" 

This rhythmical beauty is another free download, and will whip any crowd into a frenzy, guaranteed. Raw in all the right places, "Blackout" is bold, fresh and super punchy. 

10) THRPY - "Souls" 

Last but definitely not least comes this new sound from THRPY. Released through HELLANTWRK, "Souls" is an explosion of ear-splintering bass sounds, tightly knit drums and hypnotic vocals, all wrapped up with crystal clear production. Big.  

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