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Calvin Harris featuring Frank Ocean & Migos "Slide" 

It's got a Picasso reference, it's got artists at the top of their game, it's got contemporary music's ultimate Pokemón - Frank Ocean. What it doesn't have is your ears if you haven't given it a listen. So, slide right on to press play on this song. 

Michael Mayer & Joe Goddard " For You (DJ Koze Mbira Mix)" 

Sometimes it's best to embrace bittersweet disco about the best of intentions and the worst of executions. The magical and majestic DJ Koze gets his paws on Michael Mayer and Joe Goddard's collaboration and simply transcends.

Manics "Walk Without Me"

Now here is a Magnetic premiered track that is fantastic fun. It's complex and layered with wonderful intricacies, but at its core, it's just simply amazing. The Manics boys are throwing down their talents, and in doing so, it seems they may have transcended to a whole new level.

Amtrac "Piano Boy"

Subtle, soft, and sultry. Amtrac is a long time favorite of mine and the dude seems to be blossoming into this intricate and masterful music maker. Set the vibe with this here "Piano boy."

Jacques Greene "To Say" 

Jacques Greene's album Feel Infinite is going to come in like a definitive lion on March 10, and in February, he lit his euphoric brand of house music quite on fire with "To Say."  

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Back to back weeks, and he's got dos numero uno albums. Future is going for the throne, and with songs like "Mask Off", "Rent Money", "Coming Out Strong" featuring the Weeknd, and "Selfish" featuring Rihanna, Future is looking awfully like a contender for the crown. 

The Invention of Loneliness by Sailor & I

I'd like to think you'd be hard-pressed to find a bigger supporter of Sailor & I than myself. It's been a long time coming, but his fundamentally moving debut album The Invention of Loneliness has finally found its way into the world. Time to spend more than a moment or two on Sailor & I's journey. 

Drunk by Thundercat

Why say anything when the bass god Thundercat said it best on the album himself: "I feel weird, comb your beard, brush your teeth, still feel weird, beat your meat, go to sleep."

Dirty Projectors by Dirty Projectors

Now here is a break-up album that tries to break-up all other break-up albums. Dave Longstreth has gone solo on his latest album, after breaking up with Amber Coffman both romantically and from the Dirty Projectors project-ly. It's honest and emotional, and "Cool Your Heart" has that Solange feature you shouldn't snooze on.

Gang Signs & Prayer by Stormzy

Grime is asserting itself against an industry that seems to think it's a fad and a continental US population who often is too superficial to get beyond different accents in a flow. Grime has been here, and it's not going anywhere, and with the talent oozing out of every lyric from Stormzy's mind, Grime is positioned to make some waves. 

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