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600 Evacuated After East London Nightclub Gets Sprayed With Acid

12 people reportedly suffered chemical burns.
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600 people were evacuated from Mangle E8 in Sidworth Street, Hackney after a dispute between two parties ended with a man throwing acid towards two men. 12 people have reportedly been hospitalized with two men in critical but stable condition and ten others in being treated for minor injuries.  

A tenant that lives in a space overlooking the club explained the confusing scene: 

"It happened so fast - they rushed people out. I thought it was a stabbing because all I heard was 'move, move, move - move out of the area'. The security were telling the crowd to go down that way - people on this side were waiting to go home but they couldn't go home because the road was closed. People were confused."

It's another small reminder of the safe spaces the club we hope it to be, and the threat that comes to club culture when violent offenses like these happen. More information on the event can be found here

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