Man, oh, man do we have some good intel to share with you! French-electronica duo CAPYAC is kicking off a dance party series in Austin, and the first one is this Saturday!  

CAPYAC Presents: CLUB ZAZA No. 1 at The Sidewinder on April 29th, 8PM-Midnight. Featuring a live CAPYAC performance with support from Continental Drift and Lambda. 


If you're unfamiliar with CAPYAC, or their parties, we should warn you that this will be a high energy dance party the likes of which you've never seen before. We caught their set at Euphoria 2017 and it stood as the single silliest 60 minutes of stage antics we'd ever witnessed, complete with inflatable eyeballs, baton-twirlers, an an excessive amount of cheap champagne. Rest assured, Club ZAZA No. 1 will be just as weird, and to get us hyped to get sleazy, CAPYAC hooked us up with a MASSIVE Spotify playlist they've curated exclusively for this event.  

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Additionally, they laid us some ground rules for how best to show up! 

  • Dress how you want but be prepared to dance in the company of a bunch of costumed weirdos!
  • There will be art vendors, a tea service, a radio host, a VR set-up, so come to have fun!
  • Invite ALL of your friends, but above all else, stay hydrated!

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