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Boogaloo: The “Anti-Festival” Festival

A Burning Man art car & music experience.
Boogaloo 2016

Boogaloo 2016

For some, the thought of being at Coachella sends shivers of disgust through their spine. If you are not fond of the highly controlled environment where music festival and pop culture collide, then Boogaloo Art Car and Music Festival might be for you. Born on the playa of Burning Man, Boogaloo is the brainchild of the Dirty Beetles, a burner camp known for their art car featuring a giant beetle. The “anti-festival” festival returns to Oak Canyon Park in Silverado, California this month. 

Bringing the burner vibe to their own festival meant enlisting the help of some of their fellow art car camps, creating a unique community built experience. Many festival promoters claim to give fans the chance to contribute (mostly limited to online surveys post-festival), but Boogaloo encourages attendees to bring the party with them and create their own camps, even giving some a share in ticket sales to add to their production budgets. In many ways Boogaloo appears more as a community event than a music festival, even giving attendees the potential to play on one of the main stages through their recently announced mixtape contest.

Boogaloo takes place at Oak Canyon Park in Silverado California from April 28th-30th. For more information and to purchase tickets visit:

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For more info on the mixtape contest, check out the rules here.

Boogaloo lineup 

Boogaloo lineup 

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