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Carl Louis Sits Down With Coucheron and Baya to Explore Production in the Studio

The studio is often a place of mystery, Carl Louis is here to break it down.
PC: Olav Stubbed

PC: Olav Stubbed

Norwegian producer Carl Louis is getting ready to drop his debut album in May. He's most well known originally for being a member of electronic duo CLMD, Louis has been instrumental in the production of releases including ‘Stockholm Syndrome’, which went multi-platinum in Norway and was also premiered on Pete Tong’s Radio 1 show. 

With all of the experiences he's had, it's clear he's got some great insight on what it means to craft impeccable tracks. With that in mind, he created a video with fellow labelmate Coucheron and Baya to discuss music production techniques that have influenced his upcoming record.

On the video, Louis notes: 

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“The studio is often a place of mystery. Friends ask me all the time what do you do, what goes on in a day. Therefore I wanted to create a behind the scenes video series to talk about and show the thoughts and process behind Memory Lane.

I'm inspired by technology and new pieces of gear. I create dogmas for myself regarding what equipment I use to. This is for focusing the creativity. With this video series I wanted to show the steps of the creative process and what piece of gear inspired me and why. Give a glimpse of what technology my music builds upon and why my music sounds as it does.”

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