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Cherub by Joseph Llanes

Electro-pop Cherub consists of duo Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber, and chances are you've heard of the guys before. They've got a pretty extensive resume already, including features on Billboard, Rolling Stone, and more, a tv debut on Conan, topping Hypemachine, and more. With a funk influenced pop style, they've clearly grabbed the eyes and ears of both the mainstream and underground worlds. 

They're also big foodies, and when we heard that they know the best places to eat in their city of Nashville, we knew we needed to dig deep with the boys. 

From the best places to drink to getting the best steaks in town, they know it all! Check out their definitive list for eating your way through Nashville. 


Don Juans Taqueria

This spot has awesome Mexican food. The highlight of the restaurant is the green sauce. Make sure you dine in so you can get the big bottle cus you're gonna wanna use it all.

Pepperfire Chicken

Hot chicken is a Nashville staple food and they have chicken shacks all over town but this one is our favorite. Awesome flavor and super spicy !

The Hop Stop

This is our local watering hole. Really awesome selection of beers focusing on sour beers which we love. Also great bar food and right next door to a killer Italian restaurant (Nicolettos) if you're not feeling hot dogs and nachos. Close enough that we can stumble back home as well which is always a plus.

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Bar 308

Really cool cocktail lounge with delicious drinks. They stay open late and we spin vinyl there from time to time when in town.


This is a hidden gem connected to a bow out of business hotel. It's been around since the early 80s and the owner is extremely nice and cooks some awesome Italian food!


Kayne prime

Our favorite spot in town to go get steaks. Always awesome service and incredible selection of some awesome meat! Also, all the sides are a step outside of the box for what most steakhouses usually offer. Try the cotton candy bacon and popcorn lobster.

Roberts Western World

A super old school bar on Broadway. Come here during the day on a Monday or Tuesday to avoid a crowd, get a beer and enjoy some country music the way it's supposed to be played.

Rolf and Daughters

Awesome restaurant that is consistently changing their menu and working with really cool ingredients and flavors. All of the food here is incredible but their handmade noodles are the best in town!


Mitchell's Deli

This is our go to for awesome sandwiches. They always have an awesome special of the day and everything is always fresh and delicious. They also serve breakfast early in the morning that is amazing as well.

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