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Coachella Is Over: Here are Some Playlists To Help You Recover + Some Free BoomBoom

Revive yourself with the fresh and vibrant smells of BoomBoom Inhalers
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Coachella and Fauxchella can take a lot out of you both emotionally and physically, so we have selected some nice mellow house DJ mixes for you to chill out to and we are giving away a sample pack of BoomBoom to help you take the edge off even better. 

Our Team Fauxchella crew hit over 15 parties during weekend one and lived to tell about it as you will see in this weeks editorial coverage. 

As they bounced from one event to the next, they shared sticks of BoomBoom with fellow party people, and they liked it. The vibrant and fresh smells of menthol infused with cinnamon, tropical vibes and berries was always a welcome and quick refresher. 

The good peeps at BoomBoom have given us a couple three packs to give away to help celebrate a successful Coachella weekend and the festivals yet to come. 

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Win BoomBoom: Just email us with subject line BoomBoom, and we will randomly select three winners to score a festival three pack with every flavor. Contest ends Friday, so hurry. 

Enjoy the playlists, take your vitamins and sniff up the good BoomBoom energy because festival season is just getting started. 

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