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D-DOTS Shares With Us His Guide Through Trinidad + Premiere

His latest track sees him working with TT the Artist. Out April 7 via Hot Mom USA.

D-DOTS is still a relatively new name in the game, but with that, he's quickly caught the eyes and ears of some serious music heavyweights. After his debut EP, he was picked up by turntable legend DJ Shiftee and placed on his label Hot Mom USA, and his subsequent work has seen the support of DiploAnna Lunoe, and Baauer, among others. 

Today we see the artist teaming up with TT the Artist for his latest track "Bam Bam" and we're betting this is about to become a secret weapon of choice for those attending festivals and partying this festival season. The high energy nature of the song, fueled by TT the Artist's fast paced lyrics and D-DOTS' equally manic production style, brings a world of influences together to sound completely original. 

We also sat down with the emerging artist to learn more about how to travel to Trinidad in style. Check out his guide + premiere below! 

‘Jus Now meets Rum ’N’ Bass’, Day 1

Straight off the jumbo jet (shout out Bunji) I hit up my friends’ Jus Now and Serocee’s event “Jus Now meets Rum ’N’ Bass” to play the set underlying my trip. Had a wicked performance with the help of my man Lazabeam (1/2 of Jus Now) on the percussions and then proceeded to get mash up on puncheon, which for a non-drinker was a bit of a surprise - I guess the Trini air did something to me… Shortly after, Walshy Fire (1/3 of Major Lazer) rolled thru and jumped on the mic causing a grand finale stage invasion which ended the night on a high.

Canboulay, Day 3

After partying through Thursday night on Ariapita Ave, we headed up to the base of the hill Laventille resides on to experience the Canboulay Riot reenactment - it marks a moment in the 1800's when slaves overthrew British forces (who were trying to ban drumming in public as it was seen as a means of communication between plantations) and burned down the capital city. That moment was seen as the claiming of Carnival by the people of Trinidad and it led to the first Caribbean carnival which has spread around the world. Our sleep deprived state certainly added to the surreality as we watched traditional stick fighting, incredible African drumming, and the slightly terrifying fire-breathing blue devils (google trini blue devils to see these for yourself) descend upon the area. Paired with a paparazzi smothered appearance of Machel Montano, this night was definitely a very intense insight into Trinidad’s cultural heritage and history.

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Insomnia, Day 4

Night 4 I got hit by what makes Trinidad so special. Serocee, Kerwin Preccott, myself and friends attended the massive outdoor cooler fête ‘Insomnia’ at O2 Park. Starting at 11pm we were treated to a night full of soca, fried chicken and wining. But the party didn’t stop there, still going strong through the beautiful ocean backed sunrise, at 9am Bunji Garlin & Fay-Ann Lyons took to the stage to perform, cherry pickers either side of the crowd began firing water down down onto the revellers and the party broke out into it’s climax after 10hrs of prior festivities.

Jouvert, Day 5

Jouvert, taking place at 3am Carnival Monday, is the official start of the carnival. With Lazabeam, Kerwin Prescott, Serocee, Vanna Vee and almost the whole crew intact, we joined 3canal in their Jouvert procession. After filming a scene for a new Jus Now and Kerwin Prescott music video at the Big Black Box pre-party we headed onto road.

Beginning with a soundtrack of heavy tribal style drumming the few thousand strong procession began moving and as the tradition demands everyone began to cover themselves and all around them in paint, leaving no one untouched. As the sun began to come out so did the soca and the huge sound-systems the procession’s trucks donned pumped out huge soca anthems that whipped the crowd into a frenzy of dancing and of course wining. Returning to the Big Black Box at around 9am, the crew treated us all to a breakfast of the traditional Trini street food that is doubles.


Carnival Tuesday, Day 6

After a slight lack in participation to the daytime festivities of Carnival Monday by our crew, due to some still recovering from our very enjoyable Jouvert, we made sure to enjoy Carnival Tuesday properly! My day started at around noon tagging along with my friend Tom Swindell, who was filming for his documentary ‘Sound of Soca’, as he captured the events taking place on the stage that all trucks are required to pass over during their journey. 1000s of revellers in their beautiful ‘Masquerade’ costumes [google carnival masquerade costumes] slowly made their way over the stage accompanied by trucks blasting soca from their soundsystems and Co2 from handle held cannons. Again Machel Montano made an appearance darting across the stage catching wines until eventually climbing to the top of the fantasy truck where he was accompanied by Major Lazer member and Trini native Jillionaire.

At lunch we bumped into Lazabeam, Vanna Vee and Kevin from Bad Royale. Our crew now rolling deep we set off again following the fantasy trucks that over the course of the afternoon amassed an all star cast onboard including; Bunji Garlin, Machel Montano, Fay-Ann Lyons, Charly Black and Angela Hunte. With seemingly the whole city out on road the Carnival maintained a euphoric peak for several hours until finishing sweetly with a 30 minute crowd backed acapella performance from Bunji Garlin, Machel Montano, Fay-Ann Lyons and Charly Black which was in response to the music being turned off after running past the cut-off time.

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