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Dance Music Nonprofit Give A Beat Hosts Eye Opening Experiences in LA & SF

A First Hand Look At The Airbnb Social Impact Experience.
"Life-Changing Music" Experience 

"Life-Changing Music" Experience 

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a new Airbnb social impact experience “Life-Changing Music” in LA hosted by dance music organization, Give a Beat who recently became one of the very first nonprofit organizations to curate and host experiences on Airbnb’s new Trips platform. Give a Beat is an organization that serves as a catalyst for social change by bridging electronic dance music culture with youth and families impacted by incarceration. Through DJ workshops and mentorship programs, they offer creative outlets for youth and job creation opportunities for the formerly incarcerated.

The experience consisted of a visit to Homeboy industries HQ in downtown LA where our group witnessed first hand how formerly incarcerated individuals are being positively affected and making contributions in the workforce. Lunch was next at the on-site Homegirl Cafe where we had a one on one chat with Give A Beat founder, Lauren Segal. It was mind blowing to hear the outrageous statistics of incarceration in the United States from an expert such as Lauren. Speaking with her and hearing the stories she has, it’s easy to see her passion and compassion for the cause and her dedication to helping others in need is unwavering. The food was delicious too. I ordered a chile relleno grilled cheese, yummm!

After lunch, it was off to Silverlake for a 2 hour DJ lesson at the world renowned Point Blank Music School. It was so fun receiving a private group lesson from Victor Carrillo, head of Point Blank and overall dance music badass. I admit even after working in the dance music industry for years now, I still don't have the greatest knowledge of how it’s actually created. Victor showed us how to beat match and other techniques I didn’t know, while making sure we all understood.

Give a Beat is currently hosting two experiences, “Life-Changing Music” in Los Angeles, and “Inside Out Music Experience” in San Francisco, which both support their mission by bridging the dance music community with youth and families impacted by mass incarceration. When guests book Social Impact Experiences, 100 percent of the funds go to the cause. As part of the Trips launch back in November, Give a Beat experiences were actually one of the very first featured on the new platform! 

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“Inside Out Music Experience”

“Inside Out Music Experience”

The LA Experience: “Life-Changing Music” is a one-day immersive hosted by the founder of Give a Beat, Lauren Segal. The experience includes a tour of Homeboy Industries, lunch at Homegirl Café, a private DJ lesson at Point Blank Music School, and ends with a night out at one of LA’s best nightclubs. To learn more or to book a date, visit the experience here 

The SF Experience: “Inside Out Music Experience,” is hosted by Zach Reisler, a freelance journalist for SF Station. This experience includes a private two-hour DJ lesson at Pyramind Music Production school, followed by VIP access to one of SF’s grandest nightclubs. To learn more or to book a date, visit the experience here 

More on the issue: The U.S. is the world leader in locking up people for minor offenses for excessive lengths of time, in inhumane conditions, without proper legal representation, and at a stunning cost to the U.S. economy of $1 trillion a year, according to the new study from Washington University in St. Louis. Due to the launch of the war against drugs in the 70’s, the criminal justice system has been called a “Holocaust in slow motion.” It has had global repercussions such as the disenfranchisement of Black voters heavily impacting the outcome of the last election. Give a Beat aims to represent the dance music community’s response to mass incarceration through innovative grass-roots driven music programs.

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