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Did Comply Just Create the Perfect Set of Earbud Tips?

Noise reduction is essential if you want to reach an optimal sound range -Comply tips help you better achieve this.

A good number of earbuds that are currently on the market have a silicone tip. Unfortunately, silicone tipped earbuds do not guarantee the listener’s immunity from surrounding background noises. The interference from surrounding noise usually affects the bass output. Noise reduction is essential if you want to reach an optimal sound range. And this is exactly what Comply tried to accomplish with their selection of earbud tips.

Comply Foam Tips – What Are they?

While the technology may sound new, Comply Foam tips have been around for years. They come in different types and distinct styles. You can customize your earbud by simply checking out the company’s website and selecting the model you prefer.

The top three options available are the Isolation, Active and Comfort models. The Active model has been specifically designed to fit into your ears when exercising. The Isolation model was created for maximum sound quality and the Comfort model was created with comfortability in mind. All models have ‘Plus’ versions that come with a wax guard that prevents earwax buildup.

Sound Quality

Sound is the most important consideration for anyone buying headphones. Comply tips offer great sound with no alteration. Unlike other earbuds, the bass delivery is smooth thanks to their great seal. The quality of the enhanced bass is perfect with little compromise on the treble. The Isolation tips provide the best sound quality, with the Comfort models coming in third. As for the Active tips, their performance lies somewhere in the middle.

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Comply tips outperform other earbuds on the market when it comes to keeping out outside noise. And they remove the need to go for noise cancelling headphones, which can somewhat distort the sound. Most reviewers were impressed with their ability to isolate sound distractions, even when on a plane or in a coffee shop. When all the three different styles are compared, the Isolation tips perform better when it comes to sound isolation.

Level of Durability

Ever since Comply tips hit the market, many reviewers have noted how durable they are. Nevertheless, different users might have different experiences depending on usage. When compared, the Active tips offer more durability than the other two options, which is essential for those who were intending to use them for intense activity. This can also be attributed to their stronger build, which compromises on comfort and sound. However, the difference is barely noticeable.

Price – How Much?

Comply foam tips are somewhat reasonably priced considering their performance and durability. A pack of three Active tips sell for $10, Isolation tips $15, while Comfort tips cost $17. This is a small investment considering how much you’ll get out of these earbuds.

Final Verdict

From a consumer point of view, the Comply Foam Tips are worth going for. Just try them out for yourself and you’ll see why they have a loyal clientele base. We suggest you check out each model in detail and see which ones fit you the best depending on your needs.

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