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Welcome! First disco and funk chart of the second quarter, hip-hip-hooray! In all seriousness where has all of the time gone? Already second quarter and this is like our 5th chart. Seems just like yesterday we were freaking out preparing our first chart for you guys! This edition features disco & funk from a ton of different genres of music. Deep-disco, disco-house, electronic funk, psychedli, etc. Let's dive on in and listen to some tunes!

1. "Lalo" - DJ Que Sakamoto and NT - Roam Recordings

You ready for a little Japanese disco? You better be, because once this chrome-colored bullet train leaves the station it's not gonna stop! This rolling edit is simply dripping in acid, but the occasional chime will clear the brain enough for you to try to sing along to the spaced out vocal samples. 

2. "Clarity" - Harvey Sutherland - Clarity Recordings

Harvey Sutherland releases a serious funk heater on his record label, Clarity Recordings. If you have even the tiniest bit of soul or funk in your little body you'ss love this one. Vibing beats for all to hear. 

3. "Juno On The Floor (Rayko Remix)" - Aux tha Masterfader featuring Mr Zee - Silhouette Music

Rayko and the Masterfader are in the building to synth your socks off. What an original, and what a remix! Sure to make you smile, this hits all the weirdest notes in all the best ways, and the easy-to-follow lyrics will be lodged in your head for days to come. Come get on the floor and give us your best robot!! 

4. "Bring It Back" - Session Victims - Delusions of Grandeur

Whew! Exhausted from doing some deep research on this LP! Sessions Victims is a duo made up of Matthias Reiling and Hauke Freer. These British lads are dropping their second album June 9th! Mark your calendars! If any of the 12 songs are half as good as this one they'll be hot fire.

5. "Give Me Love (Funk Hunk Re Edit)" - Cerrone - Walking Disco Records

This edit opens up in a flash and you'll be sure glad it does! Tight, upbeat, and airy, this one is absolutely packed full of killer samples that move full steam ahead to deliver you one heck of a boogie. Throw this one on repeat and "Give it all you got"!

6. "Feels Good To Be Loved" - Taylor Bense - Wolf & Lamb Records

A rolling wistful affair that'll cool you down only to heat you back up, as if a pleasant reminder of the journey in finding yourself close with love after recently being without.

7. "Forget Your Troubles (Original Mix)" - Boogie Freaks - Tasty Recordings

Boogie Freaks really delivers on this track, and it sure is aptly named, as you'll soon forget whatever nonsense is keeping you down as this heart filled disco burner prompts you to shoulder-wiggle it all away. Come and get your fill!

8. "Flash Funk (J&M Brothers Remix)" - VICMOREN - Spa In Disco

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J&M Brothers sure don't build this funk in a flash, but about midway through once the horns flare up you'll see why they chose let it on nice and slow. This one is enormously chatty; each of the layers added breathe new life into the track in ways that keep it fun and interesting for the entire six minutes.

9. "Get It On" - Fish Eat Man - Walking Disco Recordings

This addition makes TWO tracks off of Walking Disco Recordings on this chart, so yeah, take the hint and follow them asap! Fish Eat Man pulled us up a stripped down cave jam that doesn't beat around the bush as it lays out its modest demands. 

10. "Skal Vi Danse" - Saskin S - Thunder Jam Records

My, oh, my, this one came out of left field and it sure is a touchdown! This one off of Thunder Jam Records is a tipsy-turny number that's filled with haunting keys, a sneaky sitar, and the slightest dash of wub for good measure. Best of luck pinning this one down, or an even more impressive feat, pronouncing it!

11. "All I Heard (Dave Allison Remix)" - Mitzi

This remix right here, is what we like to call deep-disco perfection. Sir David Allison puts the deepest of disco touches on an old Aussie classic. Go download it, because this is a freebie! 

12. "City Heart" - Lefti ft Louis Esptein - Yebo Music

If you like synth, vocals, and some good old electronic funk then this is the song for you. City Heart is a Nu-Disco masterpiece complete with all the bells and whistles. A sweet hook, catchy drops, awesome builds all topped off with the calming voice of Louis Epstein

13. "Moment" - Wild & Free - Noon Pacific

Instant feels when this one drops. Moments giving you feels. Imagine that? Slow, sexy, and full of hope, the homies George Cochrane and Drew Krame deliver a beautiful track. 

14.  "Karma Code" - Traveler & Sinjun - Outside In Records

It all starts with a psychedelic groove unlike anything you've heard before. Then the bass comes and it's game over! You are officially grooving to the psychedelic funk. This one is a free download so you might want to click meow and download immediately!

15. "Dawn Introlude" - Touchsoul

Another deep one for you guys here. This one's even deeper as if you couldn't already tell from the title! Touchsoul puts all the downtempo disco feels in this one. Smooth like butter.

All songs included in this article are in the playlist below!

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