This chart marks the passing of Tax Day, one of our personal favorite holidays. We found ourselves with the blues and proceeded to take a deep dive into SoundCloud for some much needed inspiration. We're pretty happy with our haul, and it costed us a larger portion of our refund checks than we care to admit. Does the IRS do direct deposit into Juno Download accounts? Probably not a good idea, because then we'd burn through ours even faster. At any rate, enjoy the tunes and the rest of your week! 

1. "Ya Just Need 2 Believe in Yaself" - Folamour - Raw Stream | Chineurs de House

Folamour has returned to lift us to new heights with his special flavor of heart-felt, inspirational disco. This one is particularly beautiful; it ambles along with grace as it reminds you just how good it feels to fill your soul with love.

2. "Talkin Bout Life" - Aroop Roy - House of Disco Records 

Aroop Roy is disco royalty, and after listening to this track, you'll see why. You're going to want to find a place to dance foolishly, because although this one builds with effortless finesse, once it opens up your head will pop off fast!

3. "Crave (Flabaire Remix)" - Jimpster ft. Florence Rawlings - Freerange Records

Simply put, Jimpster knows how to put it down. Its got that pitch perfect vocal feature that snuggles alongside another of his top notch bass-lines. While we cant say we were caught entirely flat footed, the dance moves this remix prompted were certainly unsettling. 

4. "Risk the Rip" - Project Pablo - Let's Play house

You'll be toe-tapping from your seat to this jungle-jam as it slowly burns down. Project Pablo takes you on a trip through an ancient forest where echoes of synths and the trickle of xylophones dance through your head. Listening to this one sure is 1040-EZ on the ears! 

5. "When Doves Cry (Petko Turner Edit)" - Prince

Only recent events have allowed for Prince edits/remixes to remain online long enough for us to share. Bittersweet although that is, it's hard not to smile when you hear one as tasteful as this. No extra fluff on it, this one is ALL Prince, and best of all free download!

6. "Mr. Magician" - Mystic Merlin vs Motte

This is one magical edit right here. Mystic Merlin clearly defines how exactly we can feel as good as he sounds, with all the standard disco instruments playing a part. It's hard to edit a classic such as this, but job well done Motte! 

7. "The Weight" - 6th Borough Project - Roar Groove

Somehow we missed the most recent release from one of the slickest disco outfits on the scene. 6th Borough Project consistently puts out stripped-down classics that build slow but are always worthy of putting on repeat. This one is as heavy as an IRS audit, but fear not, the extra effort pays off!

8. "Keep It Real" - Loure - Les Yeux Orange

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Sexy, sultry, and warm, this french house number is sure to get you in the mood. This one kicks off with the sexy croonings of the trumpet and then proceeds along with gusto as more and more layers find their perfect slots. 

9. "Hey Sucker (Alkalino remix)" - Hong Kong Syndikat

Wow, what a piece of work! In all seriousness, this veritable masterpiece of sass and saxophone is guaranteed to get you shaking off those deductions. Rolling, synth-y vibes to be had aplenty on this one, which also features vocals that may not quite be "lyrics" but will be stuck in your head all day nonetheless! 

10. "Icarus" - Lovebirds feat. Galliano - Razor-N-Tape

RNT popping back in to deliver us some straight-up baby making music. It was tough to pick just one but the groovy percussion and oh-so-smooth piano keys convinced us to take the original. Lovebirds is one of our favorite nu-disco producers and it's refreshing to hear his take on this special flavor of jam.

11. "Waiting On The Summer (Penguin Prison Remix)" - VHS Collection

Penguin Prison is far and away one of our favorite indie-pop acts. One reason for this is that every remix he floats has got the lightest touch that never steals any thunder from the original. His synth-y approach allows for him to operate with a diversity of sound that most artists can only dream of. 

12. "Momentum" - Mr. Tea - Discotexas

It's hard to pin this one down, but its not hard to believe how good it is considering the label it came off of. This is Mr. Tea's debut release on Discotexas and we are supremely excited with what he had to bring to the table. He has operated in the techno and and deep house spaces for quite some time and you can hear the ample diversity of his skill-set on this track.

13. "Little Acid Love" - Andy Buchan - Hot Digits

Are you sure you're ready for this acid dripped italo? Yeah, had to ask. Now that you're briefed, we can get to it. This one checks boxes on just about all the categories, but above all else, it's top notch production will leave you yearning for a little bit of something. You can decide what. 

14. "Yanga Mbiwaa" - Les Yeux Orange - GoodPlus

Not only did we chart a release off of Les Yeux Orange, but we've got an afro-jam from the man himself! Sing it loud: "oh-eh-ah, oh-eh-ah. oh-eh-ah, oh-eh-ah." Bust out your flowy garb as a precautionary measure as you're going to find yourself doing a rain dance in no time!

15. "Head Shop Boys" - Totes Preesh - Love On The Rocks

It was a tough call whether to include this one in our disco or our tech house chart but we damn sure knew it had to be in one of them! This genre-bender is a MUST-BUY, as it stands as the perfect track to bring you from day to night. Get your kinky boots on!

And now, the all important playlist!

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