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Eats Everything Is Raising Money to Clean Water in India and Africa

Saving the world, one DJ at a time.
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Last Night A DJ Saved My Life and Eats Everything have teamed up together to start a new project called Have A Drink on Us. The project aims to raise £30,000 to bring clean water and fund the construction of bore wells in disadvantaged communities in Africa and India. 

On the project, Eats has explained-  

“Clean water is a basic human right, but sadly millions of people around the world are denied it. Raising £30,000 could literally benefit thousands of people and save lives, so I’m really pleased to team up with Last Night a DJ Saved My Life and launch ‘Have a Drink on Us’, which we hope will help some of the communities that need it most.”

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While Jonny Lee, founder of Last Night a DJ Saved My Life, also noted- 

“Eats Everything is a shining example to our dance music industry of how easy it is to make a real difference.” 

For those that are interested in donating money to the cause, check out more details here

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