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Music should be considered a safe space. It's where everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, or economic status, could come together and feel included and welcomed. It's the uniting force for so many of different faces, and when these safe spaces are targeted, the entire world community can feel its effects. BPM Festival in January of this year ended early when a shooter killed 5 and injured upwards of 15, shocking the dance music community to its core. 

Shiny Objects was performing at the Jungle closing party when the events at another venue close by (Blue Parrot) broke out and changed the course of the night, as well as the future of BPM festival, forever. 

On the set, he notes: 

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This set took place at the Jungle closing party at BPM 2016. It was to be the last set any DJ will ever play at BPM in Playa Del Carmen. The vibe was electric and the dance floor was on fire. However, just as I was playing my last few records gunfire broke out a the Blue Parrot, forever changing us all. I then quickly faded out the and the rest is history.

I want to dedicate this set to the love and dedication of the BPM team. Thanks for bringing so many years of joy into our lives and for the opportunity to be a part of it!

Much love, Chris

Deciding to release the mix as a tribute to the festival and the BPM team, this is likely to be the last DJ set played in Playa Del Carmen in the foreseeable future. While there is still a lot of confusion on what the future of BPM or electronic music in Mexico will be, Shiny Objects cements a tragic moment in time with the release of his mix. 

Check out the mix and tracklist below. The incredible artist is a prominent name throughout the electronic community, especially in his home of Northern California. He's the founder of San Francisco’s Om Records and Smoke n’ Mirrors, as well as a leading member of the Burning Man camp Disco Knights. He's also a founder of Monarch and The Great Northern nightclubs in San Francisco, as well as Up All Night, an electronic music marketing platform. 

  1. Shiny Objects - Paranoia
  2. Blowender/Drugs no Hugs “The Phase” (Damon Jee Remix)
  3. Shiny Objects – Mind’s Eye
  4. Shiny Objects – Outerlimits
  5. Sebastian Bouchet – Coyote Cry
  6. Shiny Objects – Disco Death Child (demo mix)
  7. Roommates – Raw (Original Mix)
  8. Amevicious / Endless – Disco Libertine (The Mago Remix)
  9. Id!r – Clint (Original Mix)
  10. Jonathan Kusuma – Mordor Disko (Original Mix)
  11. Kiwi – Orca (Original Mix)
  12. Cassio Ware/ Luke Solomon/Roual Galloway/Vangela Crowe – Dance With Me
  13. Squire – Back in Time
  14. Chaim – Nineties
  15. Ajello/Rebirth Sessions/Shield – Dolphy (In Flagranti Re-edit)
  16. Aldo Cadiz/Danny Serrano – Black Berries
  17. Super Lover – Restless (Tube & Berger Remix)
  18. Butch - Vente Con Papi
  19. Serge Devant – This Moment

Shiny Objects will be performing at Midnight Lovers Coachella Event along side Tim Sweeney and Eddie C this Saturday. More details for that event can be found here

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