Austin Event Intel: The Geodudes present “Never Skip Leg day” featuring Dirtybird’s Sage Armstrong, at Ethics Music Lounge, April 20th

In the heart of downtown Austin perches a house & techno sanctuary called Ethics Music Lounge. Complete with fresh renovations, and a new state of the art Void sound system that quite literally shakes the buildings around the block, Ethics is one of Austin’s newer dance clubs. Within the last year they’ve booked a ton of A list artist in the house and techno scene. Ethics line-ups feature an eclectic array of sounds, including some veritable masters such as  Sharam, Doorly, Black Coffee, and Desert Hearts. Having established themselves as a premier spot, they’ve recently been working at building out the rest of their schedule with residencies and repeat events, showcasing talented local artists and collectives. One such addition to their monthly lineup is the exceptionally named ‘Dont Skip Leg Day’, an event presented by an equally fabulously named duo: The Geodudes.

This Pokemon named partnership is made up of two hardheads by the name of Cody Hill & Joseph Kamanan. If you’ve attended any recent events at Kingdom or Ethics here in Austin then odds are you know them by their DJ names Dirtyfeet and Doseph (respectively), as they’ve opened up for countless artist such as, Cizak, Worthy, J-Phlip, and a good amount of other A list DJ's. If you can't tell, they really like Dirtybird. Recently, they decided to put their talents together and spin as … you guessed it… the Geodudes. This newly formed duo will be hosting Leg Day every second Thursday of the month and remember, you never skip leg day. The second event will feature Sage Armstrong from, you guessed it, Dirtybird! We sat down with the Geodudes to ask a couple questions about the DJ duo, influences, and what we can come to expect out of “Leg Day”. 

Geodudes - Opening set for Christian Martin & Worthy Show At Kingdom

Picture of Geodudes B2B Cizak last party

When did you guys start DJ’ing as the Geodudes?

We started DJing together when Cody first moved to Austin from Houston. We had talked shop a few times before we became close and saw each other at various house events around Texas. When we b2b'd together for the first time it was an instant success. Dirtyfeets's harder techno and Doseph's bouncy, trippy tech house come together really well to create something really dancy.

How did Leg Day come about?

Leg Day came about when we approached Anthony Tedder, the curator of Standard Thursdays at Ethics, and told him that we thought Austin was severely lacking in a few realms of house and techno that the Geodudes play and enjoy. I invited Anthony to listen to us play and he was immediately on board.

What can we expect from Leg Day?

Our goal for Leg Day is to provide a wholly inclusive and inviting environment filled with people who want to hear some of the sounds at the forefront of house and techno. However, that doesn't mean that it will only be accessible and fun for people who enjoy house music. The community that we are trying to cultivate for Leg Day is one that we hope will be inviting and welcoming to everyone. Creating a house party type environment complete with a Void Acoustics sound system is like a dream come true for us. It will allow us to bring new music lovers into the fold and reward those who are already ingrained in the scene. We have the opportunity to create something special. Ethics, located on a rooftop in downtown Austin, provides the perfect environment to achieve this.

What can we expect from Geodudes?

Our goal as Geodudes is to make and curate fresh, innovative house and techno to share with others. We will achieve this by continuing to crate dig for innovative sounds, refining our production, and finding noteworthy headliners who share our vision.

Favorite record label and why?


My favorite record label would have to be Dirtybird. Dirtybird is the first house label that really hooked me. The amazing basslines, playful melodies, and booming 808's always keep me coming back. I am a huge advocate for Dirtybird and the feelings and vibe they try to perpetuate.


My favorite label has cycled around over the last couple years, but as of now it would undoubtedly be Ultramajic. Headed by Jimmy Edgar, the combination of incredible music and art for each release in unparalleled. Jimmy and Pilar Zeta do all the artwork themselves. Their mix of ancient symbols and occult themes with modern vaporware-esque 3D rendered art really resonates with me. Not to mention they release some of the hardest hitting acid jacking techno around.

What is your sound?


The cornerstone to my style and sound is "attitude". Almost all of the tracks I play have some. Infectious basslines, trippy vocals and melodies, and hard hitting kicks are essential too. I don't like to pigeonhole myself, but if I had to I'd say that dark trippy tech house (Dirtybird, This Ain't Bristol, etc), upbeat Ibiza style house (Suara, Toolroom, etc) are my favorites.


I don’t have a name for it yet but I’m working on it. The gist; I like combining tough jacking house, dark techno, and atmospheric breakbeats through acid baselines.

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Who is the most recent artist that you've heard that has made you reevaluate what you wanted to sound like?


Kyle Watson helped me see that there can be "wubs" in house without it sounding too turnt (a personal peeve of mine). The South African style is incredibly fresh sounding compared to a lot of the more popular sub-genres of today. Chunky, booming sounds and what I call "elegant wubs" that tickle the brain come together to create a very unique and catchy sound. Hopefully I can emulate the best of Kyle Watson and combine it with the other vibes I know and love.


I wouldn’t say that I’ve really had to change much because of one act recently. Artists like Daniel Avery, Jimmy Edgar, and The Cyclist have all had pretty big influences on me over the past couple years, but I didn’t really have to alter my sound to fit them in since their tastes basically already aligned with my own. I’d say still my biggest musical influence has been Simian Mobile Disco. I saw them perform live in 2013 and was absolutely blown away.

What artist do you listen to when nobody else is looking?


I have a lot of guilty pleasures, but whenever I need a reprieve from house and techno (a rarity) I LOVE listening to Bassnectar. It's vastly different from the usual stuff I listen to, but his productions are world class.


For non house/techno I keep Boards Of Canada, ‘Music Has the Right to Children’ on CD in my car stereo. I think this question is meant more of as a probe into what non-electronic music I listen to though? I have a pretty eclectic taste, but mostly I listen to the folk music my dad used to listen to & play himself on acoustic guitar. Richard Thompson & Dave Alvin are a couple that come to mind.

All DJs are animals.... What animal are you??? (ALTERNATIVELY: POKEMON)


We're definitely a couple of Geodudes. Geodude, who is a literally just a rock with biceps, embodies a lot of the energy we try to put out when we're playing. Much like the music we generally play, he's got a lot of attitude. Being a rock type, he also spends a lot of time underground. You can't get deeper than that. Oh, and even though he doesn't have legs, he still doesn't skip Leg Day.


I don’t know if it counts but I always think of myself as some sort of prehistoric caveman. The Dirtyfeet mentality is all about achieving enlightenment through channeling your past life as a primal caveman, stomping as hard as you can and not caring what people think about you.

Whats your most recent favorite "Sunday Morning" mix?


Definitely the Sabo Burning Man 2016 set at Robot Heart. The arpeggiated strings throughout are incredibly uplifting and melodic.


Without a doubt the magnificent Erol Alkan in one of the episodes from his Boiler Room residency last year.

Whats the first song you play for virgin ears when they want to know what "EDM IS ALL ABOUT"?


Kaskade & Cid - US (Ardalan Remix). This track has never failed to convert EDM virgins. It's accessible, beautiful, and incredibly addictive.


I’ll go with what converted my mom, either Breakbot - 'Baby I’m Yours' or Classixx - 'Hanging Gardens’.

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