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Get "Coffee & Milk" with Danny Serrano

There’s a trendy label based out of the U.K. which after only a couple of years has achieved a lot. You like it Underground? You will love Underground Audio.
Milk & Coffee

Coffee & Milk with Danny Serrano 

Underground Audio is the imprint already home to Francisco Allendes, Pirupa, Ray Okpara, Igor Vicente and Simone Liberali, quite a pedigree to say the least. Their latest release, Coffee & Milk, will be delivered by none other than Madrid hero Danny Serrano with Vicenzo D’Amico and Rudosa on remix duties.

Coffee & Milk has the typical Serrano touch, with an exciting groove, a strong bassline, and a hypnotic vocal. Some spacey effects and synth give the tune a fine balance, flirting with underground vibes without going too much into darkness territory. Vicenzo D’Amico’s edition is bringing a more rousing vibe to the original. Rudosa’s version of the track is definitely a win as well, with a heavy kick and a brilliant use of the original vocals- the techno heads will sure pick that one! The b-side named “Dogs” features a robust bass line, dynamic drums, and some nice stabs.

This is the Tech-house we like, powerful but still happy, Coffee & Milk will fit any bag for House Music DJs worldwide.

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