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boomboom on the beach

Festival season kicked off a couple weeks ago with Miami Music Week and now we are just trying to keep up with all the madness of Coachella / Fauxchella. Our friends at BoomBoom asked us to compile a pre-party / roadtrip playlist for the drive out this week, or the week after that if you are doing the second weekend. Maybe you are doing both weekends? Maybe you're straight loco... who knows?

We put together a very BoomBoom vibey playlist that will take you through an array of artists that are performing at the fest, just enough energy to get you in the mood to deal with that parking lot. 

What is BoomBoom? Well we like to call it aromatherapy on steroids that you can carry in your pocket to make your day smell and feel a little better. Also, we all know how the festival bathroom situation is, so BoomBoom can also serve as nasal relief from that green shack of nasty. 

Check out some of these videos where we asked DJs to take a sniff and tell us what they thought, good stuff. 

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Also follow @BoomBoomEnergy and @Magnetic_Magazine on Instagram for a chance to intercept our #TeamFauxchella crew who will hanging at all the pool parties and can hook you up with some BoomBoom. Our Fauxchella Party list is right HERE and will let you know all of the spots to hit. 

The BoomBoom "No Road Rage" Coachella Road Trip Playlist & Our Spotify Coachella Selects!

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