Ladies and gentleman, the time has come. I am proud to present to you the arrival of Coachella Weekend 1. Whether you're spazzing out with a wristband already on or just mellow looking forward to a wonderful weekend, it's going to be memorable for many.

Now, full disclosure, I've been going to Coachella every year since 2012. By no means am I claiming to be an expert or have any sort of definitive wisdom on how you should best Coachella. I have to say though, I've had a pretty amazing time each and every year.

This year, I personally am taking a bit more of a mature approach, a classier approach to sweet little Coachella. So, if you are like me, and you're not eager to fight your way to front row Sahara then this is your guide on how to Coachella with class. 

I'll be honest, I'm going to miss the magic of Despacio so much. 

I'll be honest, I'm going to miss the magic of Despacio so much. 


For those who just can't wait to get things going, and you're already out in the desert, then the early bird gets the worm. On Thursday night, at the Palm Springs Aviation museum, one of the hippest shows will be Young Turks in Palm Springs featuring Ben UFO, Francis & the Lights, Jamie XX, Kamaiyah, Sampha, and Special Guest PNL. Snag your tickets here!

Look at those main stage fireworks! Look at them real good!

Look at those main stage fireworks! Look at them real good!


Oh man, day one and you can feel the electricity in the air. It's all new, it's all fresh and shiny. Above all else, I advise you to get in early. Don't let any pre-partying postpone you. You're just cheating yourself if you arrive fashionably late.

Get your Friday Started with... BONOBO

Bonobo will be translating his contemporary downtempo electronica from studio to a live context. Bonobo has told me he's bringing out all the vocalists on his Migration album, and I wouldn't be surprised if he also enlists guest collaborator Erykah Badu to come out too.

That DIXON & RICHIE HAWTIN conflict is doozy...

Of all genres, techno was never supposed to be easy, was it? If you have a refined palette and you prefer forward-thinking styles of underground dance music, then you are probably over the moon that you can catch Dixon and Richie Hawtin at Coachella... The only rub is they are performing at the same damn time...

Get Romantic Just after Sunset with... THE XX

For lovers and for former lovers, The xx are a wonderful band. They've made Coachella fall in love with them before, and I am willing to bet a pretty penny they'll be bringing out some heavy friends to wow the crowd. 

Re-energize with ...EMPIRE OF THE SUN

I'm not one to advocate ever going into the Sahara tent, but when you've got Empire of the Sun in there... It's just the prudent thing to do. There will be spectacle and dancers, lasers and light shows with a solid groove to get down to.

Close out day numero uno with... RADIOHEAD

Radiohead and Coachella go together like Radiohead and Coachella. They seem to have a love affair with each other that's deep to the core of both band and festival. I'd write more, but frankly I don't think I need to sell you anymore on it. 

Neon palms trees 360 degrees... There's nothing like Coachella's skyline.

Neon palms trees 360 degrees... There's nothing like Coachella's skyline.


Day two and you're probably getting a late start. Your hotel or house pool might be looking pretty sweet. Enjoy that time and savor it, but you came here to Coachella, so don't lose focus. Also, tip to really remember now that you're in the middle of the marathon - remember to drink a water. Nobody ever had a bad time beyond Guantanamo Bay downing a bottle of water. 

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Rep the set, Gotta rep the FUTURE set

The trap has come to Coachella, and Future's bringing it to the mainstage - mask off. He may have hits about illicit drugs and questionable objectification of women, but he's got hits! So, prepare yourself to get down and dirty because Atlanta's finest is throwing a party come Saturday.

RöYKSOPP in the Sahara?

I mean, they're long established in electronic music and electronic dance music alike. I have a feeling the young whipper snappers will not be opting to brave Sahara for this Norwegian duo. They could come hard, they could come soft, but Röyksopp is definitely going to bring it full force. 

BON IVER is bringing the feels to the Polo Fields

Justin Vernon (the brains behind Bon Iver) was pretty vocal he wasn't playing old stuff on his latest tour. This means you can expect a lot of his new album, not a problem at all! There will be feelings and big emotions. Get a good seat and take all of. Bon Iver's talent in.

Spooky art vibes with NICOLAS JAAR

Nicolas Jaar is one artistically credible motherpupper. His Darkside band brought down Coachella before, and so he's going to bring it down again. He might not be the most popular outside some select circles, but he's going to live up to his reputation as one of the best artists out there today.

Close down Mojave with CLASSIXX

I can think of no better Saturday closer in Coachella's history than Classixx. These Los Angeles natives are some of the best performers around and you can find me, OH YES YOU CAN FIND ME crushing the dancefloor come Classixx's Saturday set. You've been warned.

Nothing better than seeing those balloons soaring at sunset...

Nothing better than seeing those balloons soaring at sunset...


And we've arrived at day three... It's come so quickly, and maybe that's a good thing. Hopefully, you have very few regrets, and you're ready to leave it all out on the field. Come correct or don't come at all on Sunday because this is the best Sunday Funday ever.

Class Sunday immediately up with LEE FIELDS & the EXPRESSIONS

Get the groove going early with some soulful music compliments of Lee Fields & the Expressions. If you're a fan of Charles Bradley or James Brown, then you're either familiar with Lee Fields, or you're confident he can bring a show on par with those gents. 

Dive deep into Yuma with MAYA JANE COLES

Yuma is pretty much the perfect environment to enjoy the dark, deep stylings of Maya Jane Coles. It'll be vibey and top notch. It also might get a little spooky so bring a friend.

The cinema comes to Coachella with HANS ZIMMER

So, one of my good friends may have had his phone stolen by Matthew McConaughey at Sasquatch! last year (long story...), so we're really hoping TARS flies in and brings the phone back during Hans' set. He's a renowned composer who I'm absolutely beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt positive you've heard his work before... So, don't be a turkey, get yourself to this one of a kind experience where Hans plays the hits! 

Worst closing conflict ever: KENDRICK LAMAR, JUSTICE, NEW ORDER, TALE OF US

Literally, 4 of my top Sunday acts are booked against each other. Coachella is pulling me apart worse than Voldemort and his Horcruxes (yes I made a Harry Potter reference, deal with it)... I don't know what I'll do, but I think I'll kick it off with Justice and cruise party through to Kendrick Lamar

One thing is for sure though, no matter who you plan on bringing the festival to a close with, it'll be something blissful.

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