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In Conversation: Secret Cinema

We sit down with the Dutch legend to discuss green tea, Star Wars and staying grateful for 25 years
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25 years in the same career is a long time. In a world wrought with instant superstars that are gone tomorrow, one begins to wonder if it's possible to even reach a level of success like that anymore. 10 years of traveling the world playing music, is something many hope for, but may never see, let alone a quarter of a century. So how exactly does one accomplish such a feat? Jeroen Verheij, best known to the world as Secret Cinema, might have an idea. While music is definitely the answer, it takes more than making great tracks to keep yourself afloat for such a length of time. 

secret cinema

In this episode of In Conversation, we discuss everything from green tea, french cult movies, and how one stays grateful in an instant result driven world. Without further ado, please welcome Secret Cinema. 

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