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Paul Reeds is the marketing manager at LIC, the world's largest paint party in the world. He's in charge of overseeing the social and digital marketing for the company, and manages a total marketing budget of over $250,000 for the domestic US tour and LIC Festival in Miami. On top of that, he's grown the LIC social media accounts on Instagram and Twitter by over 20% to 35k and 88.8k respectively, while growing Facebook Likes over 50% to nearly 1 million... suffice to say, the man in a wizard in making sure their parties are the best events to happen in whatever city they touch down in that night. 

They're getting ready for their Saturday show in San Diego, and to prepare, we sat down with Paul Reeds to talk about what it means to grow a company 10 years and surviving the music industry. 

More information on the San Diego show can be found here

Hey Paul, thank you so much for sitting with us! You've got a massive LIC event in San Diego heading our way. What makes the city special? 

San Diego has always been a special city for us, the love from the fans is so strong and they come out every year to enjoy the show. It started out smaller but just keeps growing over the years. We always look forward to coming back here each spring. 

10 years throwing the world's biggest paint party means you've undoubtedly learned a lot about throwing parties. What has been the biggest lessons you've learned about paint and parties? 

Hahaha, I think the biggest lesson is be prepared for the unexpected and stay cool no matter what happens. You literally never know what can and will happen before/during/after a show lol 

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Since your parties roam through various cities across the world, What cities/regions do you think electronic dance music is best thriving?

I think globally dance music is bigger than it ever has been. Here in the states in always changing but Texas, Florida, NYC, Seattle have always been some of the best markets for us in the states with their huge dance music communities. Internationally it's Asia and Latin America leading the way in growth right now. 

As the EDM industry continues to grow, what do you think the secrets to longevity in this business will be? 

I think the secret to longevity in dance music is providing an experience for your fans that they can get any weekend in a club. Something thats meaningful and connects with them on a deeper level. Its also being able to adapt your model to fit new trends and what fans are into 


Where do you see the most opportunity in the EDM industry (i.e. Music, experience, nightclubs, behind the scenes, etc) and why?

This is definitely a tough question, I think there is room for growth in all of these areas honestly. Its about innovating and creating something new fans haven't seen before. Its an exciting time, the landscape of dance music is ever changing. Things dont look at all like they did when I first got into this business and Im sure in a few years it won't look at all like it does now

Finally, what can we expect from LIC for the rest of 2017? 

For the rest of 2017 we are focusing on celebrating 10 yrs of LIC and will be announcing our fall dates in the next month or two. Its been and amazing year already with more big shows in the works for this fall. Don't miss out on Phase 2 of the X tour! 

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