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Last month Novation and Magnetic teamed up for a contest to give away a Novation Circuit and to give some attention to some fresh new talent. After sifting through over a hundred tracks we decided on Pershian. This Dutch producer caught our ears with his use of the classic 303 sounds and quality productions. 

We sat down with Pershian to learn a little bit more about his style and what he's working on now. Definitely keep your eyes on this guy, as you'll be seeing more of him no doubt.

Magnetic Mag: What got you into producing electronic music? And what drew you to the sound of the 303 and classic Acid?

After DJ-ing for several years and mixing other people’s music, I felt like it was about time to mix my own tracks too during a set. It took me probably a good year to figure how to create a track from scratch with a certain vibe. And since I’ve a stronger connection for old-skool music I bumped into the sound of Acid house/techno, and loved it ever since! So it was a logical step to create something that the ravers among us could relate to.

MM: What is your essential piece of gear in the studio that is not your DAW?

For now I’d have to say the TR-8, my Korg Volca’s, Akai APC mini/ MPK mini, and of course the Novation Circuit which is an perfect addition to my set-up as I can attach external gear on it as well. So when all my gear is linked to one and another the possibilities are endless.

MM: Are you currently playing out in The Netherlands, where might someone catch one of your sets?

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At the moment there are couple things coming up. I’ll be throwing another party in May located in an intimate warehouse, and got invited to play for a new upcoming concept, both in Amsterdam. The exact dates will be confirmed soon. For updates I recommend to keep an eye on my RA and or FB page.

MM: What are your aspirations as a DJ / Producer? Where do you see yourself headed?

The main thing is simply to get my music and sets heard and share the love for proper house and techno music, as cliché that may sound, but it doesn’t get better then seeing smiles on people’s faces and make them escape their daily issues for a night! In the near future I see myself throwing more and better parties, play bigger gigs and eventually running a record label or perhaps a booking agency for upcoming talent.

MM: Who are some of your inspirations? And who are some of the DJ/producers that are really doing it for you right now?

Tricky question as the list grows time to time because I still discover new artists now and then, but let’s start with classic Jeff Mills, Mathew Jonson, Omar S, Sterac, DVS1 and Ricardo Villalobos just to name a few. And the ones who are really doing it for me right now based on releases or sets must be SHED aka Head High, Giorgio Luceri, ROD, JP Enfant, Doms & Deykers and Levon Vincent.

MM: What does the acronym EDM mean to you?

EDM means to me an insult to the real definition of Electronic Dance Music. Nowadays the acronym EDM became sort of a brand and a new of genre if you’d like to call it that way. No offense, but I've nothing good to mention about it. It’s a moneymaking bubble, which will burst soon or later. I don't get how people pay ridiculous prices to see some one who play's the same breaks and drops over and over during his set at each and every gig. The artists are more focused on putting an act on stage by making heartshaped hand figures or throw pie’s and stuff instead of really playing dedicated music to educate the crowd, and I guess I'm speaking on behalf of the most of us out there!

MM: Best festival or club night you’ve ever attended?

The Sylvester party at Berghain during New Years Eve of 2015/2016, the party went on for more then 80 hours straight, that’s the same amount of working hours at the office for 2 weeks! Nothing beats that kind of hedonistic techno madness!

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