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Interview + Mix: Igor Vicente Talks The Power of Playing Extended Sets

The labelhead of State of Flow discusses the power of music.

Igor Vicente is an advocate for the marathon sets like we used to hear back in the days. As he puts it "Playing a two hour set is like stopping sex before the orgasm." 

Over the years, he has made a name for himself behind the decks at events in DC 10, Paradise, Elrow…and also delivering music for Hot Creations, Mobilee, and his own label State of Flow. 

We sat down with the Belgian to talk about his obsession for extended sets, future plans for his label and his respect for Kenny Glasgow."

What is it like to be a DJ in Belgium? Is there a lot of competition over there?

I think it’s like in all the other countries - there’s a lot of DJs emerging from everywhere and for a newcomer it’s way less easier then 15 years ago. Still, I think if you are talented you will make it through the competition. Just never give up – well - that’s a life quote.

I watched a video of you playing at Cirque Magique. Can you describe how it felt playing for that one epic night?

Cirque Magique is a festival close to my heart. The organizers are very good friends and last year Tom & Dries asked me to close after Technasia. I know the crowd there and knew I could do something else than playing the same banging techno and tech house we hear in all the festivals. It’s always great to have a educated crowd with who you can really interact through your music. I don’t play music to see my crowd with their hands in the air every 5 minutes. A set is a story not a gym workout session.

Any big plans for your record label State of Flow?

Well - on the 28th Feb the repress of the SOF001 that soldout 2 years ago went to number 2 in the sales charts within 24 hours. I decided to re-release after I saw some copies for sale at 150$ on discogs and multiple messages came for requests. The next release will be from the very talented Jack Wickham. I’m thinking to start to release it digitally as well because at the end the music has to be played and I don’t want to separate people who don’t play vinyl to not play the State of Flow release or to play a bad quality rip.

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I hear you like extended sets a lot. Tell us why it is important to you?

First, I love playing. There’s no better place for me than behind a mixer playing with a crowd for hours and communicating with them. Second the music we play takes time to express itself - the tracks are 8-10 minutes long so I don’t see myself going with 20 records in clubs…There’s so much more that need to be played. For me playing a two hour set is like stopping sex before the orgasm. I want to give them as much as I can and I’m also coming from that time DJs used to open and close the night in clubs. I also love this moment when I arrive in an empty club and I meet all the crew, have a drink and some jokes with them, then put the first track, and build the night. I also put myself at the place of the crowd a lot. For example, if you arrive first in the club - it’s not very cozy. You are alone, it can be boring and you can have 8,9,10 people like that but if you get the connection with all of them and make them feel good and important - you can put them together and you just created the core of the party.

What were the key moments for a successful year 2016?

Well I played for lot of big parties, festivals and good clubs like Elrow, Fact, Paradise at DC10, Mobilee showcases, Cirque Magique, Extrema Outdoor Belgium, and Tomorrowland to name a few... 2016 was a strong year for sure, but strange too - Mobilee and I stopped to work together in the summer. I’m very thankful and had a lot’s of fun during the years I was with them but it was also a time to turn to something more personal. It pushed me to work more and I also joined the Café d’Anvers team as booker, it all gave me new ideas & new goals, 2017 looks promising and I’m really looking forward to what it will bring.

Your top selling track is "Haus Boo” with DKA which was released last year. What do you think the impact of that song has been on your career?

I released 3 times on Hot Creations and releasing on such big label a good track helps to open doors and give some light to your name. But it’s not only this, people get to know you more as the scene is televised and yes, Haus Boo helped for sure.

Is there someone you are dreaming of working with in the studio?

Well, who wouldn’t say Ricardo Villalobos? Kenny Glasgow and Mathew Johnson are also genius in studio.

Who have been your biggest inspirations of late? Anyone that you think was standing out from everybody else?

I really like Kenny Glasgow’s production and the soul he puts into electronic music. I for sure still am very influenced by Ricardo, Luciano, Thomas Melchior, and a lot of producers like Brett Johnson or Inner.

Written by Emeric Dally. 

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