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Interview + Playlist: House Artist Josh Butler Is Ready To Take Over the US

Will start his US run from April 20.

Josh Butler is a name that's been circling in dance circles for a few years now. The talented northerner has released some incredible songs through legendary labels like Noir, Cajual, Avotre, MTA, and MadTech, and paired with the incredible performances at The Warehouse Project Manchester, Mint Club Leeds, Toffler Rotterdam, Chibuku Liverpool, Arches Glasgow, Sankeys Ibiza, and more, it's sure to say that his work is quickly garnering some serious attention.  

Butler is gearing up for a few select shows in the US in April, and to prepare, we sat down with the extraordinary talent to learn more about what to expect! 

Hi Josh, thank you for taking the time to talk to us! Congrats on making it to number one on Beatport again! First of all, what advice would you have for producers trying to make it to the charts?

Thank you! The best piece of advice I can give is take time to learn your craft inside and out, be true to yourself and your artistic vision. 

You're getting ready to play some major shows in San Francisco, Brooklyn, and San Diego, three vastly different cities. How do you prepare for sets in different cities over a short amount of time?

I don't actually prepare any sets these days. During some of my first ever club gigs I would prepare full set lists but quickly found you can be over prepared for these things. Now I don't make any plans at all and only decide my first record 10/20 mins before I start by gaging what the DJ before me is playing, what the crowd/venue is like and of course what mood I'm in. Also enjoy the thrill of not knowing what track is coming next sometimes is what I find so addictive about DJing.

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Similarly, you're going to be traveling quite an extensive distance. How do you prepare for a long flight?

My long flights usually consist of wine, jamming on Ableton and a TV series that I'm hooked on. If anyone has any suggestions of good shows to watch feel free to tweet me as I'm in need of a new one! ;) @joshbutlermusic

Being in the music business mean undoubtedly facing roadblocks. How do you maintain positivity and concentration on the music while being in this business?

Good question! When I fell in love with music production I didn't have any idea of the business behind it. That side of it is something that I've had to learn along the way and usually the hard way after signing some pretty bad deals during the start of my career. At first, it was all pretty overwhelming although I've managed to find a heathy balance now by switching my frame of mind between creative/studio work to the general running of a small business.

Finally, what can we expect from you for the rest of 2017?

I'm going to be back in Ibiza for most of the summer playing for Defected, Do Not Sleep, Cuckoo Land and a couple of my own Origins Rcrds parties. I'll also be heading to Australia shortly after I visit North America. Finally, there's plenty of new music coming on labels such as Kaoz Theory, Defected and Origins Rcrds.

Josh will be in the US for three dates at the following:

  • 20/04 The Panther Room, Brooklyn NYC
  • 21/04 Halcyon, San Francisco
  • 22/04 Spin, San Diego

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