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As a writer, we have to read a litany of different texts to keep up with the industry. In those said articles, there's usually a mention of a musical master or production wizard, words that indicate that an artist is a true professional within the music game. It can honestly start to get a little bit repetitive and mundane after a while, but today is a little different, as we're finding ourselves in a unique situation. Rather than the aforementioned master or wizard, we find ourselves in the midst of a ninja. 

Jaguar Skills is known for his ninja style, from his aesthetics to his production style and more. Stealthy and yet incredibly powerful, elusive and fast, the producer has been crafting a dedicated fanbase and music to match. 

We sat down with the incredible artist to learn more about his latest work, plus an exclusive Spotify playlist below!

Hey Jaguar Skills, thank you for chatting with us today! Your latest track "Fly" comes with an animated visual component. For those that haven't watched the video yet, what can people expect to see and hear?

Thanks for chatting with me too! The video for the track was created my Mustashrik, and incredible animator and creative. The video is a kinda Manga style dance off with a robot. It’s real cool. 

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To go along with that, we've heard about your deep fascination in b-films. comedy, and ninja movies, but what about anime? What prompted you to switch to an animated video for this release?

I love Anime and Manga movies. Things like Ninja Assassin and, of course, Akira - and movies like that. I grew up on them. So to be able to do an Anime style video, I jumped at the chance.

People know you for your ties to film, but who are some of your favorite creators in the film world at the moment? Do you ever see yourself diving back into that creative avenue?

I love film. My son and I are obsessed with movies. Coming from a film school background, my editing skills really helped when I started to DJ. Movies, music and food - all have the same appeal to me. They’re pretty much all interlinked, as far as I’m concerned. I try and make music that’s visual too. I’m always imagining all kinds movie scenes when I listen to music. It all goes hand in hand.

What is the best part of being an anonymous artist?

It sounds kinda cool doesn’t it? There are WAY too many positives to wearing a mask to mention. You can use your imagination!

Finally, what can we expect from you in 2017?

Music!!! Got LOADS of dope material coming real soon. Some real hard D&B and a few festival joints too. Can’t wait for people to hear the next EP in a few months. Some real interesting cross-genre music. Exciting times!

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