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Interview: Seven Lions Is Getting Ready To Party in Paint At LIC Philly

The show will take place on April 22 at the Festival Pier at Penns Landing.
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Seven Lions is gearing up for a massive show in Philadelphia tomorrow with the people behind LIC, the party where paint and music both reign supreme. To prepare for the madness ahead, we sat down with the talented musical artist to learn more about what to expect at the always crazy show.   

Hey Seven Lions, thanks for taking the time to talk to us! You're getting down at LIC Philly on May 20th. What can fans expect? 

I had a whole month off in March so they can expect a bunch of brand new stuff nobody has heard yet.

What about LIC is the most enjoyable part for you (besides the paint)? What sets the LIC events separate itself from the rest? 

I think its the high energy crowd and the really positive enthusiastic vibe. It brings out people who are really there to get down and have a great time.

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As an experienced vet in the music industry, you've undoubtedly had your share of frustrating industry moments. How do you keep your focus on the music in times of stress? 

It's always a struggle, sounds cheesy but making music is therapeutic, playing shows is also such a positive experience, its just the shit in between that sucks, travel, lack of sleep...

What is one advice you'd give to budding producers looking to break into the scene? 

I think being persistent in making music is important. Do it as often as possible and don't give up. Learn all the skills you need and then try and make something unique. Its not bad to learn skills by copying your favorite producers but in the end you gotta take those skills and make something new.

Finally, what can we expect from you for the rest of the year? 

Lots more music. Stoked to get it out there.

The show will take place on April 22 at the Festival Pier at Penns Landing. More information can be found here

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