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Interview: Who Are LittleKings?

We speak with Amsterdam production unit LittleKings to get to know them better.

We're thoroughly enjoying the newest cut from Dutch producers LittleKings right now, and we urge you to check out "Glowing In The Dark" ft, Tinggi if you haven't already. To mark the single's release, we caught up with LittleKings to hear more about their musical endeavours. 

First things first: we’re really enjoying the new single “Glowing In The Dark.” What kind of vibe did you want to go with in this track?

Thanks! We wanted the track to have a sort of atmospheric vibe while staying poppy as well. By combining different layers of sound, playing with the reverb and the unique sounds of TINGGI’s voice, we think that it worked a treat.

Are you pleased with the finished result? How long did it take you to complete?

Yes, we sure are. The groundwork for the music was done in a day. We then invited TINGGI to work with us on the vocals for a day and recorded them at a later date. All in all, the process was very quick. Most of the time was invested in tweaking and mixing - in total it took 4 months, on and off.

How do you work in a studio together? Do you always work following a specific pattern or routine or is it spontaneous?

Normally we start with a demo that we worked on together or individually. Everyone has got their own ideas so we combine those to see what works and what doesn’t. The tracks that originate the fastest are usually the ones that stick, like with "Glowing In The Dark." If there are too many adjustments in the early stages of producing, it normally doesn’t benefit the track. 

Where do you intend to take the LittleKings sound in the next year or so?

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We listen to very different styles of music and, of course, we monitor the sounds coming from the charts. We try to combine that in our music while making sure the song itself is catchy. The implementation of electronic music genres in pop songs is something we will continue doing in the future.

You’ve recently done some awesome remixes – one of our favorites being for OIJ. Are there any tracks you’re still eager to put your stamp on?

To be honest, there is a lot of great music out there and the remixes we did were established because, firstly we were asked to do them, but we were happy to do as we liked the tracks a lot. But, if it were up to us, we would love to work with the vocals from “Disorder” by RKCB.

If you had to choose between the decks or the studio, what would you choose?

We have a very clear division in LittleKings. Mari and Joshua produce, and Yordi handles the decks. Of course, we interfere with each other’s work but basically that’s it. It’s a plus that we’re all musicians and have a past performing as a DJ or in a band. We can all perform together and we are looking to make our future gigs much more of a live and "in the moment" experience.

In a fast-paced scene, are you tempted to write an album at some point?

It’s not our ambition to make an album for now as we really like to make different tracks, and be able to focus on tracks instead of a bigger picture. But who knows..

Finally, what can we expect you to bring to the table in the remainder of 2017?

Our main focus is on producing tracks and establishing ourselves with LittleKings. Therefore we need and want to deliver killer material with our own stamp on it. You can expect a variety of tracks, remixes and collaborations - so stay tuned and keep your eye on LittleKings!

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