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Article By Sadie Rose

Spring is officially here, and as festival-goers know, it’s game on from here-on-out. Tickets are on sale (and hopefully purchased) and plans are well underway. Trucks are being tuned up, stashes are being re-stashed, and those favorite festival outfits are being unearthed from closets. Some of us hit every festival we possibly can between May and September, and some of us can only make it to one precious festival before the season changes again. Whichever category you fall into, one thing is clear: it’s festival season, and you’re going to have the time of your life.

Preparing for a festival is almost (not quite, but almost) as fun as the festival itself. Friends gather, food is made, kombucha and beer bottles chill in the cooler. Flags are flown. Outfits are sewn. Bring your blankets, backpacks, cameras, rolling papers, water bottles, favorite hats, comfiest shoes and get ready to hang with your crew, lay in the sun, and—let us not forget—dance.

Dancing till the sun comes up and then again until it goes down is part of the unique thrall of festival life, and it’s what calls the masses there again and again. It feeds the spirit, strengthens the body, soothes the mind. The intricate magic of dancing cannot be overstated, nor can it truly be explained with words. If you know, you know.

As you’re packing your bags up for these extra-special summer trips, keep in mind that these cannabis strains will enhance your road trip, elevate your festival experience, and add that extra shine and sparkle to the summer circuit.

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  1. Sour Diesel—a favorite on all coasts, this strain will keep you super lifted and make things bright around the edges. Perfect for social situations and staying in the moment, keeping some of this on hand will ensure that your festival days are happy and on-beat. Sour D will feed you lots of creative energy, making this a perfect day-time high at any festival you’re at.

  2. Green Crack—Green Crack is another excellent daytime selection for your festival crew. Light, energetic, and clear, this strain is often used to “get things done.” While we don’t want you getting *too* much done at the festival, we also know there are also plenty of missions to go on, rivers to swim in, daytime DJ sets to dance to, and plenty of new people to meet. If you love Green Crack, bring it. If you’ve never tried it, find some.

  3. Blue Dream—this California classic is a nice, balanced strain that’s really nice to have on hand. It comes in handy if someone’s feeling too low or too high; it can act as a nice regulator and mood stabilizer. Some people like this as there everyday/everything strain because of its versatility. Perfect for easing into situations or easing out of them.

  4. Trainwreck—though any of the aforementioned strains are good for dancing, Trainwreck brings a particularly active high which is great for the dance floor. Not only does it enhance the brilliance of the music, it should energize you to keep on movin’.

  5. Purple Urkle—let’s not forget that with all the partying going on, you’re still going to want to sleep now and then at a festival. And who knows when that will be? So it’s always a good call to bring a strain or two that will help you hit the hay whenever you want. Sleep can be so sweet. Purple Urkle is a pure indica strain that instantly soothes and will help you snooze out right away.

  6. Northern Lights—another essential indica strain to help you sleep, or just to have when you want to chill out—day or night. Some festivals have all-afternoon pool parties and it’s nice to kick back on an inner tube and watch the clouds pass over you. Whatever it is, this strain is a super nice easy high that keeps you feeling happy, relaxed and mellow.

What are you bringing along this summer? 

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