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Jeff Mills Band, Spiral Deluxe Quartet, Is Gearing Up For New EP, Tathata

Out April 28.
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Jeff Mills and his band, Spiral Deluxe, (Gerald Mitchell on keyboards, Yumiko Ohno on Moog synthesizer and Kenji "Jino" Hino on bass guitar and vocals) have announced a new EP titled Tathata, out on April 28.  

The record will be pressed on vinyl "from 32 bit/48kHz digital files," according to Resident Advisor, and is slated to be a part of a new range of vinyl releases called the Axis Audiophile Series. Tathata follows their 2016 project, the Kobe Session EP. 

More information is sure to come, but for now, the group have shows planned in France. Information on the show can be found here

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