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For all the DJs and dance floor heads, another day has gone by and more undiscovered talent has appeared in front of our eyes! Jonny Sum, A Tri-State native, currently based in the Detroit area has recently teamed up with the very dope artist collective, Say Less, for the release of his hard hitting debut dance floor track, Lovin' You.

We hit up Jonny Boy and he described his track and production style:

It's a mix between my old school Detroit house and U.K. Tech house influences. Marked with snappy and sporadic snares and industrial sounding percussion, it drops into a deep and fast, rolling bass line, used to create a high energy drop. The synths keep it light enough to grace the summer rooftop dance floor, and the bass and quick hitting drums keep it late night club ready.  

I produce whatever sounds good to me. Whether it's techno, disco, deep house, pop house, tech, it doesn't doesn't matter to me as long as I'm vigorously nodding my head to it as I play it on my keyboard or listen back to a take. It's about the feel; what certain drums feel like when they hit, where they hit, how hard they hit. It's about creating a journey with all of those feelings.

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Be on the look out for this cat, as he frequently DJs in Detroit and NYC.

Jonny Sum can be followed on: Soundcloud + Facebook + Instagram

Follow Say Less - Music & Arts Collective on Soundcloud + Facebook for more new dance music.

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