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King of Nothing Is On To "Something" With His Latest Track

The Texas rapper has got a hit on his hands.
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Sometimes we find a little gem on the internet and we can't believe no one else has managed to get to it quite yet, and King of Nothing happens to be one of those said gems.

 The Texas rapper is currently a student at the prestigious Columbia University, and the currently NY-based artist has been making waves in the underground scene for a solid minute now. Today he released "Something," which has the hairs on the back of our neck standing up. The track is lyrically driven at its core, with the production perfectly assisting the talents of King of Nothing. 

On the track, he noted: 

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“I’ve experienced a lot of change this year, and although it wasn’t all necessarily good change, it was the type of change that I think will ultimately lead to me being a better artist and person than I ever have been. I feel like people are starting to want more and more of my time because they finally recognize my potential, and this song is about responding to the attention and the changes I have made and will continue to make because of it.”

Check out the track below.  

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