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Loopmasters Announces Cloud-Based Library Loopcloud

Finding that perfect sample is now even easier

Leading sample and loop creator Loopmasters, has just announced a new way to organize all your samples via cloud-based storage. Loopcloud, as they are calling it, connects seamlessly to any DAW, and allows you first audition, and then drag and drop up to 128 samples at a time. To make this even better, you can use Loopcloud like a VST and audition samples and loops in sync with your project's bpm or time signature to ensure you're making the right choice. 

Sample libraries easily take up the most space on one's hard drive, with some taking up to 50gb plus. To remedy this, Loopcloud removes the need for one to store their Loopmaster purchases on their computer and allows a producer to only take what they need, and nothing more. This is major, as there is nothing worse than trying to bounce a project or download some tracks and not having enough space on your hard drive. As of now, only Loopmasters content can be stored, but the company says that you will soon be able to upload up to 5gb of none Loopmasters content in the cloud. 5gb may not seem like all that much, but that can be more than enough for people who have designated go-to folders for their favorite and most used samples. 

Loopcloud integrates seamlessly with your favorite DAWs

Loopcloud integrates seamlessly with your favorite DAWs

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The company also states that it will be rolling out a storefront in the near future, to allow even more access to the 5+ million sounds, directly from your DAW, making it even easier to find that one sound that turns your record into a hit. As if all of this wasn't enough, Loopcloud is completely free, and will give you 1gb of free samples just for signing up, and 500+ additional samples every month for no cost.

Click here to sign up. 

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