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We've got little secret to share with you guys. We listen to music other than disco and funk. We know, it's shocking! Disco aficionados that like tech-house? Scratch that, love tech-house! It was only a matter of time before we started sharing all these knee-slappers with y'all. We like our tech-house like our dance moves; dirty and as eclectic as possible. If you're new to the genre just know that tech-house is a very wide net, so our only hope is to bring you our freshest catches. Enjoy!

1. "Personal Question" - Bontan - Hot Creations

Bontan is an up and coming producer from the UK whose tracks you've certainly heard on the dance floor. This is his debut release on Hot Creations, which stands as one of the hottest tech-house labels, so you can trust that it's straight hot fire. Bontan threw some catchy vocal loops over a funky little hook and it begs to be moved to. 

2. "Dreams" - System2 - Underground Audio

This song throws all sorts of amazing sounds and beats at you. We're talking a litany of weirdness. This one is as weird as they come and we love it. Try NOT to bob your head to the well crafted bass line. 

3. "I'll Be Right" - Simone Vitullo - Go Deeva Records

We're sticking to our roots on this one. This is as about as funky and bouncy as tech-house gets. Mr. Vitullo delivers a slapper complete with the oh-so-loved genre staple high-hats. 

4. "Hey Boy" - Mendo, Yvan Genkins - Incorrect Music

Man oh man do we love when a DJ uses vocals as high-hats. ESPECIALLY when they're featured on a track as outlandish as this one. Trust us on this one and you'll be saying "Hey boyyyy" for days. 

5. "Under Pressure" - Channel X - Lapsus Music

Under Pressure is the type of track that demands your attention from the very beginning. Press play and you'll see why. The hook is as good as it gets in the tech-house world. Keep your eyes on the forthcoming remixes from Luca M and Sante Sansone.

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6. "Everybody" - Golf Clap, Jojo Angel, Matteo Resolare - Relief Records

Golf Clap, Jojo Angel and Matteo Resolare just recently dropped three heaters. Airplane, Mind Control, and Everybody are all damn fire tracks but this one here happened to be our favorite. If you know what's good for you, go check out the other two on the amazing release from Relief Records!

7. "Double Save (ItaloBros Remix)" - Mirco Caruso - Material

This one is a great example of what makes tech-house so good. It feels as if the track was built backward, featuring proggy keys at the start only to rip them away once the song opens up after the break. Supremely stripped down, and yet feels satisfying and full, with it's pulsing basslines that shift and roil throughout the track.

8. "Aliens" - Mihalis Safras & Gene Farris - Relief

Another one off of Relief, but you'll find none here if you fear any outer-space weirdness. Two masters get together to call down some small green friends, and you'll be glad to meet them.

9. "Last Night (Mhod Remix)" - Ian Jay & Matt Williams - Daylight Robbery Records

We wish every one of our nights sounded like this one. Featuring a hard-hitting bassline and the smooth-yet-choppy vocals that us tech-house lovers all know and love. 

10. "Shake That Ass" - Ovidi Adlert - Material

With a title like this, we weren't sure if this needed any description at all. Sufficeth to say, you'll do it soon enough. 

Playlist below, as usual!

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