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Funky Fresh Fire is back son! This time, we're as prepared as ever. Tons of good tech-house being produced these days, which makes our job even harder?! You try narrowing down a million chart-worthy songs into ten! Regardless, we got 10 fresh new heaters for you and even fresher industry-intel. We encourage you to start warming up those head nods and knee slaps cuz these are heaters! In case you may have to put out any inadvertent fires due to the firey nature of these songs, please have a fire-extinguisher ready. 

1. "Set Me Free" - Sonny Fodera - AARRIVAL 

AARRIVAL is Sonny's new label and this is the debut track! Obviously this is a good one! Sonny Fodera... new label... debut track... come on now! Definitely looking forward to hearing future releases. Did we mention that the last podcast episode featured Cut Copy?

2. "Get Down" - Angelo Scalici & Angelo Ferreri - Monoside

Angelo² bringing that bass with this heater! This ones off of Angelo Ferreri's newly founded label, Monoside! You may recognize the name Angelo from all the times we charted him on our disco & funk charts. The guys a beast! We are in talks with Angelo to bring you guys an interview, feature, and guest mix, so stay tuned!

3. “Always Eat It” – Ovidi Adlert – Material Series

Still waiting on the day to hear a bad Ovidi Adlert song! The guy crushes it! Every song is filled with slamming techno base and great production! "Always Eat It" is no different, its got them heavy slaps with all the good drum kicks. Try to not bob your head too hard on this one.

4. “Father, No” - Nutty – Art Department Records

Nutty is a DJ / producer hailing from the great state of California. Brett had the pleasure of meeting this lad on a dance-floor two years ago and now he gets to write about his tracks! Small world indeed! This track is coming out on Art Department Records and is free for a limited time. Check out Art Departments “The Gallery” project for other stellar releases!

5. "Unsorted" - Javi Lopez - Defined Music

Love this one! Our boy Javi's back with a straight slammer! Stumbled onto this gentleman last year and simply put, whatever he puts his name to is pure heat. Javi's use of trippy, deep-thinking vocals are pure genius, and his productions are always on point. "You never question the keeper of the keys." Deep son!

6. "Kick Back" - Hot Blackheath - Desert Heart Records

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Discovered this track watching some Coachella highlights. If you didn't hear... Desert hearts blew the lid off the Doo Lab with this being one of the signature tracks used in the set. This one just came out on Desert Hearts Records with two other tracks. Both free! Go

7. “Freak It” – Detlef & Green Velvet – Relief Records


We hope you all know who this Green Velvet character is by now. The man IS tech-house and has been a staple in the game since the games been around! Detlef makes up about a third of the tracks on our "dance floor heaters" playlist, and the one-two punch is nearly too much to handle. Look out for our Detlef interview coming out soon!

8. “Another Dimension” – Riva Starr - Play It Say It

Another catchy one for y’all here! The man that is Snatch Records, uses a catchy vocal loop throughout the builds and down-tempo portions to keep you engaged the whole time. The stellar vocals combined with Riva's top-notch production gives this song the Funky Fresh Fire stamp of approval. 

9. "Innovations" - Jay Newman - Great Stuff 

Innovations has all of the eclectic sounds one needs to make a gerat tech-house track! Beats going this way, beats going that way, and now throw in some perfectly times random noises and boom! We like this track! Keeping the listener guessing is always the way to go with Tech-house and Jay Newman does a great job!

10. "Eyes On Me" - Lil'M & jok

The subtle funky groove in this one is awesome! Now throw in the littany of weirdness that is this song and you have a good track! The vocal loops on this one aren't bad either! Eyes on me! Eyes on you!

Top 10 Tech-House Chart Playlist

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