Botanica Seattle, the peeps who brought you SPOT, Moxey’s, and PROPER cannabis infused edibles are excited to bring you the new Journeyman Munchie Pack. It’s 100mg total of yummy goodness and includes triple chocolate, peanut butter, and snickerdoodle cookies. At a reasonable 10mg a cookie, you have a lot of room to experiment with dosage if you don't mind eating a few more cookies. (Who does?) 

I ate three cookies over a period of two hours. The first was triple chocolate. This one was my favorite because it was easily the tastiest one. I don’t particularly enjoy when an edible tastes overtly weed-y. A solid cannabis infused cookie is a cookie that tastes like nothing but a cookie and comes with a happy surprise later. Triple chocolate met those expectations soaringly, but as a veteran consumer of cannabis, 10mg is quite low. My experience was mild at best after. A subtle sense of relaxation struck me rather well, but nothing too noticeable.


The second was a peanut butter cookie. This one really tapped into the taste of the cannabis a little more than the triple chocolate, but it was the crumbly, bite-sized type that pulverizes to a fine sugary dust over the life of its movement. What could be better than magic sugar dust besides the taste. I was tempted to snort in solidarity with that one Broad City episode, you know which one I’m talking about.

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After the peanut butter settled in at 20mg, I began noticing the cookie’s effects broadening. My body felt looser and my mind began to wander. Still, I had to have that Snickerdoodle. This one would’ve been perfect in almond milk, but I thought judging its awesomeness based on the milk might skew my reviews of the previous two, so I skipped the milk and judged solely on the merits of the cookie itself. 

It’s a rewarding feeling when you finally reach your threshold of optimal inebriation. 30mg turned out to be the perfect number. My high was pleasant and I experienced a unique wave of stillness I didn’t know I needed at the time. Look out for this sweet edible at a shop near you!

Journeyman products are available now in Cannabis retailers throughout the state of Washington and will soon be available in Oregon and other recreational markets throughout the United States and Canada.

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