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PC: Patricia Brochu

PC: Patricia Brochu

Sultan and Shepard know how to have a great time. Besides all of their amazing work in the music scene, the duo genuinely seem like they are always enjoying themselves. As today is 4/20 and people are undoubtedly looking for guidance on songs to listen to, we sat down with the production wizards to learn about what they listen to during their sesh.  

Gorillaz- Bañana Baby 

Taken from the dub remix album Laika Come Home, this album was kind of under the radar but when Gorillaz came out with their first album we were super obsessed and looked for anything we could find. This tune actually sounds more current now than it did when it was released 15 years ago. When the baseline and horns come in around 3 mins into the song, it's such a great moment. It's rare to find a song that actually makes you wanna be high if you aren't but this one makes you wanna roll a joint and hit repeat.

Maggie Rogers- Alaska 

Maggie Rogers is one of our favorite new artists. We love her writing style. It's so honest. The idea of going for a walk to walk off some emotional shit is such a great concept. It feels like the type of epiphany you would have while you were high. It's also exciting to listen to a new artist that you think will be around for a long time.

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Wild Belle- Keep You 

Love this tune. It's the perfect daytime smoking song. Smoking during the day can be a really great environment for creative conversations if you have the right music and vibe in the background. This tune feels pretty much perfect for that. There's a really nice contrast with her voice, which is kind of indie, and the music which is pretty reggae influenced. 

Massive Attack- Unfinished Sympathy 

I think we've listened to Blue Lines as much as any other album. Massive Attack was one of the artists that we bonded over when we first met and this is such a staple. Massive Attack are the type of artist that we refer back to for so many different aesthetic choices, not just their tunes. I have specific memories of riding around the subway in NYC late at night during some recording we were doing there

Post Malone- Leave  

Who knew Post Malone made songs like this? This track is so good! The production is super dope and we love the blues influence on the song. Very heavy in the best way. Probably best with a nice indica strain like LA Con.

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