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Premiere: 3615 Nuits Blanches - Don't Wanna Dance [Official Video]

Their upcoming project, 'About Last Night,' will be out on L.O.V.E. Ltd 5th May.
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3615NB Press Shot 4 (Credit - Elodie Pilboue)

We're excited to present this stunning new video French house duo 3615 Nuits Blanches. The group comprises of Antonine and Arnault, and while the duo themselves are not a household name, the two individually have been contributing to the world of music for a while now and their professionalism is truly reflected in their latest video, "Don't Wanna Dance."     

Dreamy and ethereal, the new song brings a nostalgic edge to an otherwise modern track. "Don't Wanna Dance" is stunningly composed, intimate in its feel, and raw in its energy. The video manages to reflect the energy while still taking creative liberties of their own. The resulting product is absolute magic.  

On the video, the duo explained-

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For « Don’t Wanna Dance », our second single, we asked visual artists from our inner circle of friends, Rudy Rua, Elodie Pilboue & Stefan Vulic to shoot the video.

We wanted them to offer their vision of the night, once again, confined and isolated.

Still cloistered between four walls, as enclosed in a nocturnal aquarium, Antonine delivers another stunning performance.

With that VHS grain, the disco lights melt into a homemade feel. We really wanted to take the viewer into a phantasmagorical glitter-tinted trip, blended within outdated effects echoing the essence of music videos from the eighties.

We were not looking for a literal vision of the lyrics, but rather for a visual journey encompassing all the kitsch codes of this era so dear to our eyes and ears. 

Their upcoming project, 'About Last Night,' will be out on L.O.V.E. Ltd 5th May.

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