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Premiere: argonaut&wasp - "Paradise" [Official Video]

Old-school cool with new-school flair.

We've got a fun piece for everyone today, and it comes in the form of indie-pop duo argonaut&wasp's latest video for their fun track "Paradise." They claim to aim to make fashionable music for fashionable crowds, and if that's their goal, then they have more than successfully pulled it off with this new song. 

"Paradise" sees the boys channeling an old-school cool, with elements of bloghaus and indie dance rock cascading through their track while still managing to make it uniquely their own. The visual component itself features well-dressed men and women having the time of their life.  

On the video, they note- 

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"Trey and I were attending lots of DJ sets at the time (which is one of our favorite evening activities). Anyways, we would show up at all of these hip brooklyn venues and everyone would be glued to the walls, everyone just standing there - lost in a state of confusion. We decided to capitalize on this feeling, this need for a rhythm and the need for a beat. We rushed home one of these evenings - grabbed a cowbell, picked up the guitar, and got to work."

Check out the video below.  

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