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Ready for some D&B dynamite? Well POSIJ is your man! The Dutchman's new EP on Neodigital will cause your bits to stand up and pay some serious attention. A ridiculous 4-tracker, the 'Attention' EP reps tech and tempo with unequaled skill.

Attention is a track I started 5 minutes after being asked to make music for Neodigital and it then became the main track of the release - quite the coincidence. I worked on the intro, and the fast-paced drums for ages back in 2010 and they were a great fit for this track -it's a combination of new stuff and some old bits as well. 

If the listen is making you feel vaguely panicky then it's done its job. Edgy and dangerously catchy - that rhythm alone is going to have you two-stepping blindly out into the traffic. Noisia rate him and so do bloody we. Also, it's pronounced ‘poss-eye’ - now you know. Don't be a POSIJ and pre-order here... 

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Official release on the 28th of April on Neodigital Recordings.

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