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Premiere: Conrad Clifton - Beautiful Tragedy [Album Stream]

Out via Clifton's Infinity Pool Recordings.

Conrad Clifton's name has been stirring in the electronic scene for a while now, and we've been excited to hear his latest project, Beautiful Tragedy, so this one has us super excited. Clifton's experimental style and sound brings an eclectic mesh of trap, future bass, hip-hop, and downtempo electronic music, and his latest work pushes the boundaries of experimental work in an entirely new way. 

His eclectic style and unique production skillset make him a true force to be reckoned with, and Beautiful Tragedy is a stunning look into the mind of the Brooklyn-based producer. 

Conrad Clifton has also announced his new label, Infinity Pool Recordings. This will be the first release off his newly founded label. 

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Purchase Beautiful tragedy here.  

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