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Premiere: El Prevost & Doorly - Temper Mental (Reptile Dysfunction)

'EP 1' will be out April 28.

If you're anything like us, the hot air and stacked weekends have made the week a little harder to get through. Groggy mornings and the increasingly humid air has made us excited for the summer ahead, but we're definitely looking for musical pick-me-ups to help us where coffee can't. With that in mind, we've got a special treat for our readers today, and it comes in the form of El Prevost and Doorly's latest track "Temper Mental." 

Filled to the brim with funky energy and with an infectious style and sound, the two artists are truly masters at their craft that know how to get people on the dancefloor. El Prevost and Doorly have been DJ-ing and producing for years now, and it reflects their ability to craft songs with subtle nuances and intricate details. The resulting product within "Temper Mental" is simultaneously complex, while still being the perfect track to whip out during sets through the night. 

"Temper Mental" is part of El Prevost and Doorly's EP1, the first of a two-part project that features their work. The EP will be out via Doorly's Reptile Dysfunction, and will be out April 28.  

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