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Premiere + Guide: Minneapolis' Up-and-Comers Spencer Joles and Shrimpnose Take Us Through Their Journey

"1tolove" is out now.

Spencer Joles and Shrimpnose are two artists hailing from the Minneapolis music scene, and they've been building their names up within their local scene for a while now. The two combined craft together some truly incredible hip hop work, and their latest song, "1tolove," is no different. 

The track contains an ethereal quality that surrounds the Joles gentle singing style. Subtle and delicate, the track hits elegantly without coming off pretentious, and emotional without being overbearing. The end result is proof of mastery in their craft, and we're in love.  

We also sat down with them to learn about their favorite places in their city and guide us through local secrets. Check that out below! 

The Mississippi River: good place to smoke weed, drink beers, have a bonfire and soak in a bit of nature nuzzled in the city 

Hard times: cheap vegetarian food and coffee open till 4 am. Pretty much the only place night owls can chill and relax 

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First Avenue: The legendary venue made famous by Prince. The best place to go to shows in the twin cities. It's nice to see arena acts perform at a smaller venue like first have. 

The southside in general: great residential and inner city vibes intertwined. There are lakes and creeks strewn about too if u need a break from the city. There's a strange communal bliss permeating the southside on a good day. Sadly it's getting gentrified so people gotta keep frequenting the good ol faithful local businesses before they get turned into minimalist coffee shops ran by bearded hipsters 


Lu's Sandwiches: Great place to go for banh mi. I really like banh mi. 

Under some of the bridges dividing Minneapolis and St. Paul: cool place to urban explore. lots of trees, water, graffiti, and caverns. It's a nice balance between city and nature. 

The Studio: This is where I am most of the time. it's shared by CRAM (my band) and Spencer and Nazeem. always music being made, all styles. It's refreshing to have a place where the same 4 people I trust are almost always there to provide feedback.

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