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Vigiland are a huge name in dance music - both in their native Sweden and beyond. Today sees their newest release "Friday Night" drop, and it's another irresistible banger that is set to go viral.   

We have the exclusive premiere of this one for you - alongside an interview with the guys themselves to get to know them better. Check it out!  

You’re just about to release your brand new single “Friday Night”– what did you enjoy most about making it?

The drop, because we just played around with sounds and vocals while doing it. In turn that became an awesome and very energetic drop!

We hear it had an interesting story behind it that inspired you to write it… can you tell us more?

Well, last year we moved to Stockholm and we went out a lot. The bouncers here think they are like gods... So we got rejected at a few places. When we got in to a studio session with Simon we spoke about it, and then the song took off!

How would you say this single shows your progression as artists since you first started out?

Wow, our tracks back then sounded terrible. This last year we have taken our production to a new level! We have learnt a lot from other producers, singers etc. And now we feel very comfortable making any kind of track - you will hear this in the new productions we have (including our new single "Friday Night"!

With your tracks insanely popular on Spotify since you started out, do you feel as a platform it’s been integral to building the Vigiland platform?

Yes, Spotify made us become what we are today. It's our most important platform we think, because if you look at the stats there and compare them to YouTube it's a huge difference. 

What do you think makes your work so distinctive?

We have our own way of producing our tracks, we are self-taught. Through the years we have made ourselves a huge amount of samples that are mostly impossible for other producers to have.

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What has been some of the best feedback from fans you’ve had since the start of the year?

That people have started making their own Vigiland fan pages. That just feels awesome!

How do you work in the studio together? Do you always work following a specific pattern or routine or is it spontaneous?

Spontaneous. We always start with chords, then after that anything is possible.

Where do you intend to take the Vigiland sound in the next year or so?

We can't tell you guys yet... But I think we have explored a new type of sound that you will hear very soon!

You have proved numerous times how strong your remix work is… are there any tunes you still would love to put your stamp on?

Hmm, we mainly focus on our own stuff! But, Avicii's track "For A Better Day" would be cool! We really like the intro part of that song!

What can fans expect to hear in a Vigiland set, and what do you love most about DJing?

Some underground shit, and a few psy-trance tracks! We love to go hard in our shows, so expect a lot of bass!

Finally, favourite moment of 2017 so far?

Playing in Globen! 

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